Prom 2k16

I love prom season. Even before I was able to go, I remember buying the special prom dress magazines and picking out my favorite ones. I now have the pleasure of driving by two dress shops on my way to work every morning, and I imagine which ones I'd pick for prom now as they sparkle in the windows.

On Saturday, I went to Georgia Southern's Sweetheart Circle to take pictures of my best friend's little sister, who is now a lot like my own little sister, too! Her date was a little late, as he had to win a baseball game early Saturday afternoon, so it gave us an opportunity to get some great shots of her amazing dress/romper. He joined her in Savannah for dinner a little later in the evening, and they looked great together!

Prom dresses are so very different from when I was in high school. A lot more bling, and more 'pieces' than my solid dresses. I love seeing what everyone picks out to show off their personality!

My sweet Statesboro family

Isn't she a beauty?