Spring Decorations

Easters {name that movie!}.

Oh how I love thee!

Spring decorations, beautiful blooms out my window, and sun-shiny days. With the move happening about the same time as I would be getting out my Easter decorations, I didn't put out  a lot this year, but here are the few fun things I do get to enjoy:

Mossy Bunny, TJ Maxx, $9

Pastel Egg Wreath, $12, Wal-Mart

Pink, Green, and Yellow crocheted doily from my Nana

Neon Glitter Eggs, $3 pack, Wal-Mart 

The eggs in the mason jar do come with a story. They originally were in a crystal bowl on a bed of "grass" on the sofa table with Mr. Moss Bunny. But I have a puppy that really likes eggs. Scrambled, runny, or Styrofoam, she seems to enjoy them all. After waking up too many nights in a row to the "ding!" of her tag on the side of the bowl as she sneaked off with her prize, and vacuuming up bits of yellow, pink, and blue, I decided to transfer the speckled, tooth-mark filled eggs to a safer location.  

I love all the pastel, pretty colors that Easter and spring bring. This year, Christopher's family has decided on yellow for their Easter clothes. Since we traditionally spend Easter with them, I need to find a dress. But I don't wear yellow. So I'm thinking something along these lines might just do: 
Lilly Pulitzer, Alexa Shift, $198

It's got yellow in it! 

Moving Mania

the white house
Hello, end of-March! I never do well in February when it comes to maintaining the blog. It's too short, and crammed way to full with holidays, parties, and work events. Then today, I look down and noticed it's the last week in March--oops!

In February, I moved into a new house! It was crazy, but I'm finally getting settled into a beautiful new home that will work well once Christopher (hopefully) is in Statesboro full time after he graduates next year.

It's a great older home with a large yard for the dogs, and plenty of running around room on the inside too. I feel like I'm still in a moving kind of transition as I realized I need some new pieces to complete the look of a larger home, and I've not hung up a single thing. I love being in a detatched real house--it's so quiet, and Layla barks so much less. Plus, I have awesome neighbors, which makes it all really fun.

Now maybe I can think about blogging again, as we head into the busy spring with wedding planning, multiple Easter functions, and a multitude of work. Be on the look out for some of the things I'll be using as inspiration for my wedding next spring! *eeek!*

New sofa table from Humble Abodes in Statesboro, GA
First really big, big girl purchase: brand new W&D.
Also notice, this house has a dishwasher--yippee!