Farmhouse Glam Paint Colors | Sherwin Williams

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek or two of the progress of our living room re-do. You may have also seen the utter disaster the rest of our downstairs is as we have been working in this room which literally takes up half of our main floor. So far we've painted the walls, ceiling and half the trim in the living room. We hope to finish the trim and start and finish the dining room this weekend, before tackling the kitchen.

I've found that I really like painting! When I'm working on a section, it's literally all I can think about. It can be a little hard for me to turn my brain off from time to time, but this task allows me to just zone out of everything else and focus on the literal task at hand.

I'm calling our look farmhouse glam for two reasons: 1. Our home has a bit of a farmhouse-y vibe to it. White, front porch, soon to be installed black metal roof, big yard with a fence, etc. But I'm not 100% committed to the Jo Anna Gaines farmhouse look, especially through the whole house. And CJM likes some color throughout as well. 2. I need just a little bit of glam and sparkle in my life, which we're incorporating through the gold metal accents, some soft pink velvet pillows, and faux fur throws/rugs. So #farmhouseglam it is!

I found a color scheme on Pinterest that was under the farmhouse glam kind of category and we both really liked it. Once we decided on the right gray for our home {Repose Gray}, we re-evaluated the suggested colors and decided it was a little too mix-y match-y for us, as well as being a little too warm. We like a bit of a cooler, cleaner color scheme. So we swapped out the navy for the Iron Ore color of our accents {it's not black, but a super dark charcoal color} and the mantle and banisters have just totally popped!

When CJM suggested painting the kitchen pink, I was honestly so surprised. But we have white cabinets that we have no plans to change, and have wanted to update the counter tops and tile to a white/marble-y look for a long time so it just seemed to make sense! We have a long ways to go, but working on these projects have been fun! I'll share more as we progress, but wanted to kind of document the process from start to finish, and this is the suggested paint scheme as of right now.

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