Hosting Bridge

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting my first bridge game as a member of the Dublin Girls' Cotillion. When I tell out of town people that I play bridge, I'm usually met with a similar "grandma" remark. I honestly can't remember even being aware of the game of bridge prior to moving here, but in Dublin, it's kind of a big deal.

There are lots of different groups and clubs that teach and play bridge regularly, with annual benefits and competitions. But our group is really social, and it's a great opportunity to get together with some girlfriends twice a month and have a glass of wine while playing a few hands.

I served a homemade pound cake with fresh whipped cream topped with strawberries. Some of my snacks {peanut butter M&Ms for the win!} were served in vintage ice cream dishes. I attempted another batch of my "Fancy Cookies" but the humidity took a toll on the icing, and they didn't turn out as perfectly as I would have liked. Cute though! It's so nice to enjoy some of the finer things in life with friends! And hosting such an event is a really great excuse to do some fall cleaning and decorating too. 

One of my favorite things about playing bridge are all the beautiful card styles and sets. I have one with peonies, one with hydrangeas, and the multi-colored ones seen on the table above. Typically, I shop for all my bridge supplies from Smith's of Dublin, but have been pleased to find sets and score books on Amazon too! Here's a few of my faves: 

Birthday Gift Guide 2018

We're a month away from my birthday--yay! And honestly, when I was thinking about a gift list it took me a few days to come up with anything. I guess we're just at that phase in life where if we want something we buy it. But I did think of a few things that I hadn't or wouldn't buy for myself, so here we go!

Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat: Over the top. Soft. Warm. I have this thing for outerwear, and even though this one is a little out there, I kind of love it. The reviews claim it's super soft and warm. It definitely would add some spice to any outfit! 

Sheila Earrings: Gold, lightweight, and the perfect size. I have a Sheila bangle and I wear it almost every day. Gold hoops are kind of my standard earring, so I'd really like a pair of these to wear almost always! 

Quilted Cross Body Bag: I'm not a huge "big" designer person, but these Gucci cross body bags really spoke to me. Unfortunately, they're super expensive, and are not something I'm willing to pay that kind of money for {especially since it's tiny, and kind of a trendy thing!}. I saw this Kaari Blue similar bag at Belk, and it's often on sale! It's a pretty pink color that would work year round. 

Charleston Rice Beads Necklace in Vintage Gold: I have a handful of CRB bracelets that I love, and I really 'need' the gold necklace! Another great staple, I think I'd end up wearing this necklace, especially with work wear, more often than not. Add another color and layers for a fun effect. 

Barrington Gifts bag set: I bought my first Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote two falls ago, and I love it. I regularly rotate into it as it's great for work and travel with the roomy design. I first saw this lighter combo at this summer's Mint/Smith's photo shoot and fell in love. I would really like the tote and the travel bag to match! And they have a new "side stripe" design for the totes that is really fun. I'll always be a pink girl, so pink and beige accents it is. 

Sparkle Drybar Blow Dryer: This is a holiday special that was just released. I really need a new blow dryer as I've recently cut my hair and my CVS $15 special just isn't cutting it anymore. I think investing in a good dryer would really change the game as far as speed of styling and various temperature settings. This dryer comes in a really great gift set that features some Drybar famous products I've been dying to try.

Fleetwood Mac Tickets: What a dream. CJM took me to the Eagles for my birthday last year, and it was absolutely amazing. Fleetwood is my third "must see" band {Eagles, Chicago, and Hootie have all been checked off since last bday} and I'd love for the hubs and I to go again. They're coming to a few local arenas next February/March, so I need to get to planning--can't let this one pass me by!

Sam Edelman Leopard Pumps: I've been eyeing these for years. I love Sam Edelman shoes, but had always just bought cheap printed pumps before now. With some knee issues I've had in the last year, I've learned how important it is to have quality shoes as they do make a difference in how you walk and feel. I'd love a pair of these for work and play, and I promise to never wear them at the same time as the leopard coat!