Palmetto Cheese Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp and grits is seriously one of my most favorite dishes. It must be my South Carolina roots. It’s also become one of my favorites to cook because it’s pretty quick and very easy. One pot? Yes, please!

In recent years, we’ve worked to create new family traditions as our family structure has change. It’s hard to change things that seemed perfect the way they were, but sometimes what comes from the change is even better than the original! One of my favorite new traditions is our seafood family style dinner on Christmas Eve. We’ll have crab legs, shrimp, and shrimp and grits, with all the delicious fixin’s and sides you can imagine.

I like to consider myself a student of Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade ways. This shrimp and grits recipe is just that. Be sure to get a big can of quick grits, but not instant, for this fast and delicious recipe.

Cook four to six slices of chopped thick-cut bacon in a large pot, then set aside. Saute a generous amount of minced garlic in two tablespoons of salted butter in the pot. Add a pound and a half of raw chopped shrimp once the garlic is browned. Here’s where you can play chef: either add Old Bay seasoning to your shrimp if you prefer a smoky flavor, or red pepper flakes if you like a spicy kick. I prefer the red pepper flakes, personally! 

Cook the shrimp until light pink, and remove from pot. In the same pot, add eight cups of water, four chicken bouillon cubes, and two cups of quick grits, and cook per package instruction. Slice and add a pound of kielbasa to the cooking grits. When the grits are done cooking, add a container of Palmetto Pimento Cheese and the previously cooked shrimp to the pot. Allow all to melt and blend together nicely, before serving in a bowl topped with green onions and chopped bacon.

This is definitely a “best the day after” kind of dish that warms up well! It’s one that can be tweaked to please the cheese or spice level of those enjoying it. Enjoy!