Monday Memories: Halloween

Happy Reformation Day! Or as some say, Happy Halloween!!

While Halloween may not be my favorite holiday {come on, Christmas!}, I have had some cutesy and quick Halloween costumes in the past that I thought I'd share.

By far, my best Halloween costume to date. Pig in a blanket! Wear lots of pink, make a pig nose and ears {glued onto a plastic headband} out of a styrofoam egg carton, wrap yourself in a blanket, and get ready to "oink!"

A witch is one of the easiest costumes. I had the black dress and pink cardigan on hand, and just picked up a feather boa and matching pink witches hat from the party store! 

I don't like to invest too much in these costumes, so I re-wore a formal dress, and bought a plastic crown and princess gloves from Wal-mart for this beauty queen get up! 

This year, I'm going as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's, a.k.a. it's Monday and I have to work and it's going to be 86 degrees today so I wore a black shift dress and pearls. 

Happy Halloween! 

Pretty Fall Porch

Quatrefoil "M" Monogram wreath from Kirklands (no longer available, similar); featured on Kirklands' Instagram. 

Beat the Monday Blues, Plan a Cruise!

A beautiful Monday like today has me totally missing the beautiful blue skies and clear waters from our honeymoon cruise. We had such a blast on that trip, that I'm ready to take another so soon! One of my favorite things about cruising is learning more about the boat you're on and on the new "fancy" ones that have just begun sailing. Check out these two videos about some of the amazing new Royal Caribbean amenities aboard some of their newer ships. Who's ready to set sail?

Fall Fashion Round Up

The weather has finally cooled off enough in South Georgia to start breaking out the fall clothes! I wanted to share some of the pieces I've curated over the past few months in preparation for 50 degree mornings and sunny 70 degree afternoons.

When purchasing clothes this fall, I really was trying to follow the idea of a "capsule wardrobe" by selecting pieces that would work well with each other for work and play. I have a few things left on my list of things to round it out for this season, but here are a few of my favorite things that I've scooped up so far: 

Weekend Recap: Hurricane Matthew

It's always a bummer when a weekend doesn't really feel like a weekend at all. I'm kind of obsessed with the weather, so when the possibility of a major hurricane hitting the Savannah area developed last weekend, I of course began tracking that thing by checking my weather apps multiple times a day and constantly refreshing my Twitter feed for any related news. Last Wednesday it was pretty much confirmed: the Georgia coast would be seeing extremely rough weather sometime over the weekend.

Most of the town closed down Friday in preparation, which was great for me. I slept in, cleaned house, and sat on the couch most of the day watching the 24/7 live stream of Savannah news as the storm rolled in. As the winds and rains began to pick up after dark, I started getting a little more nervous. Christopher wouldn't be off work until 10 p.m., and then he had over an hour commute home. Thankfully he pulled up right after midnight, and right after the first storm band was beginning to really come in strong.

We went to bed while many of my friends didn't sleep all night long. I woke up a few times to the 50 mph+ wind gusts rattling the windows. Once, I woke to the sound of cracking limbs, but that was all I heard so I went back to sleep. Imagine my surprise when I woke Saturday morning to find that we actually still had power and a major downed tree in the back yard! It appears to have been struck by lightning and split down the middle as it fell, taking about six smaller trees down with it, crushing the fence along the property line. We are so thankful that it didn't fall the other way, as it surely would have landed on the house, and probably in our bedroom!

Our backyard
Visitors will have a hard time getting in today!

There are still trees down all over town this morning, including one blocking the main entrance to our office building. We were blessed to have had power all weekend, while still so many are without, including my family in South Carolina. Sunday was full of yard clean up and trying to get the house back to normal after such an intense weather weekend. Needless to say, I'm a little exhausted today, but nothing like the amazing men and women working to restore utilities to our region! One of the Georgia Power men yesterday stopped to ask why we had power when the rest of the streets surrounding us didn't {I don't know! But glad we do!} and mentioned that he still didn't have lights on at his own home.
Riding out the storm with our scaredy-dog 
My favorite house in Statesboro...seemed to only sustain fence damage! 
I'll be interested to see how Christopher's apartment on Whitemarsh Island near Savannah fared, but there is still no way on to the island at this point. Thanks to all who checked in on us throughout the whole ordeal. We are definitely counting our blessings!

Power truck from Tyler, Texas 

Hurricane Essentials

Such long, unexplained blog silence hasn't happened around these parts in quite a while. I unfortunately, just wasn't feeling it this week, and have had  a "minor" weather disturbance to focus my attention on. 

I've been on a search for rain boots. I have had three or four pairs, but they usually end up discolored and in the trash. So I've been searching for the perfect darker colored boot, that has less of a rain boot look, and more of an equestrian or fashionable feel. I'm loving these three pairs that I pinned to my "fall-tastic" Pinterest fashion board! 

Target Quilted Rubber Boot, $27.99

Target Equestrian Style Boot, $27.99

Joules Crockington Boot, $84.95
Last night I stocked up on bottles of water for myself and the dogs, plenty of pop tarts, and lots of lemon Oreo's! Looks like we'll have a lot of rain and wind here, but nothing too terrible. I'm hoping to spend some quality time curled up with a good book--any recommendations before my bookstore run this afternoon? I just finished The Husband's Secret and LOVED it!