The Fair

The time has come...I think I may be too old for the fair rides. As much as I love the fair, the spinning and twirling is too much for my 24 year old bod to take. Especially post corndog, philly cheesesteak, cotton candy, and boiled peanuts...all of which I split with Christopher of course.

We started our night off on that ride that goes backward then goes forward in a circle, followed by the swings. I remember that being a favorite of mine as a child, but now it's slightly terrifying. How does that little woven seat never break? And how do those few chains not snap? And that little tiny lap's that keeping me in?

Of course we rode the ferris wheel, followed by some horrible swinging and spinning ride. That one was where I finally "felt my age." It was dizzying enough that the carousel ride afterwards was almost not enjoyable!

I think Christopher's favorite event of the evening was the pig races. After going through the petting zoo, he saw a sign for pig races. We walked over and waited for it to start. I thought we would just stay for the first heat, but he wanted to stay through it all. I can honestly say I have never seen a true pot-bellied pig until last night. Those pigs' stomachs dragged the ground! This city girl always learns so much at the fair!

Let's ride!

Scary Zebra 


It's my birthday! Here's 24 reasons why I'm excited about my birthday, and being 24.

  1. The fair. 
  2. Today is the 4th year anniversary of the day I met Christopher.
  3. Getting to go to the fair today, with Christopher. 
  4. Birthday cake.
  5. Funnel cake. 
  6. I'm getting married this year! 
  7. My wonderful friends who made this past weekend the absolute best. 
  8. It's Tuesday, so that means all of last night's Bravo shows are now available on the app for me to watch {it's the little things}.
  9. My family and getting to celebrate with them this weekend.
  10. 441 Kitchen & Pub for lunch with my wonderful work friends. 
  11. Getting my first place setting of my everyday china as a birthday gift this weekend from my future sister in law. 
  12. Feeling older, and in a good way. From Friday night:
    Random guy: Happy Birthday! 21?
    Me: Thanks! Nope, I'm turning 24.
    Random guy: Well you look 21!
    Me: Excellent...!
  13. Perfect birthday weather. 
  14. Christopher's wedding band arriving today {it's a sign!}. 
  15. Finding a Georgia Southern academic logo sign in the Chamber yard left over from last night's fair parade. 
  16. Morning snuggles with my puppy dogs. 
  17. My best friend's wedding in 12 days. 
  18. Wearing my new favorite shirt to work {it's the pink one in the picture}. 
  19. All the coupons my favorite stores have sent me to use this month. 
  20. This "Very Vanilla" coffee I stumbled upon at the grocery store last night...yum. 
  21. The Google birthday logo! So fancy.
  22. All the sweet texts, calls, and Facebook posts I've gotten today. Thank you!
  23. Being alive {these long lists are hard}.
  24. This list being over! 

If I had a Christmas List

Every time someone asks me what I'd like for my birthday and Christmas this year, I tell them that I've done my wedding registry and that is my list. This is very true--Christopher and I do truly want every item we've registered for, and I'd be thrilled to be gifted any of the items off the list. But the grandmothers want to know about something "fun." A "real" Christmas list.

Okay, fine. I've thought about it. It's not long, or glamorous.

But it's a few little things I'd really like that are fun. 

1. Will & Grace DVD Box Set  I am a major TV junkie. Prior to switching to just Netflix/Hulu, I would watch Bravo, the Today Show, Bridezillas, and other not-so-educational shows 24/7. Somehow I never discovered Will & Grace until two years ago. But let me tell you, Karen Walker is my spirit animal. W&G comes on some channel practically all day every Saturday, and Christopher and I used to watch it together. So without real TV, I've decided I just need the investment of the complete series. Also, complete series are a lot cheaper now than they were back when I wanted all of Gilmore Girls...
2. Harry Potter DVD Box Set  Another thing Christopher and I started watching in order but never finished because 1. No real TV and 2. Christmas on ABC Family only lasts for 25 days. I want to watch all the Harry Potters in order from start to finish. I've only kind of done it once, in middle school, right before the fourth or fifth one came out--me and the girlfriends watched all the previous ones in an order before going to the premier. There is something about these movies that make me feel kind of Christmas-y {Thanks, ABC Family}, but it's not an outright Christmas movie and I think it would help get over the post-Christmas blues while snuggled up away from the cold. 

3. Selfie Stick Okay, I don't want this because I'm a big selfie-r. But because in all reality, once we're married, it will be just the two of us. With no one to take our picture. So it's practically a necessity to get one of these things now.

4. Anything from my "Registry" Pinterest board  I created this board as a place to pin all of those things I'd love as wedding gifts, but couldn't really register for because they came from Kirkland's or an online website or something. Lots of monograms, Christmas ornaments, home decor, cookbooks, and more.

My Christmas List posts are always one of the most popular things I write about. My first Christmas list post in 2013 got over 500 views! Some of those things I still want, and some are things I now can't live without--check it out here. What's on your list this year? 

200 Days

 Two hundred days. Today. When looking at how far we've come, it's really not that long. But at the same time it feels like forever.

While checking Twitter this morning, I saw where Santa had tweeted that today is...

18 days to Halloween
44 days to Thanksgiving
73 days to Christmas
80 days to the New Year

...and although he forgot six days to my 24th birthday, that really put things into perspective. Once we hit the New Year, we'll be attending showers and parties celebrating our upcoming marriage through April. It's going to fly by, and I can't wait.

I've gotten out Save the Dates for all of my addresses, and need to start on Christopher's side of the family. If you haven't already, check out our wedding website {yes, I did actually do one} at the link to the top right of the screen. Let me know what you think about it!

Weekend Recap: #NikisNoogaNights

Swoozie's Bachelorette Decor, found here
This past weekend, I traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to celebrate the bride-to-be! A weekend full of mountain fun, we started things off right by staying in a beautiful three story home in downtown Chattanooga. I think that was easily one of the best things about the whole weekend--exploring all of the beautiful old details, amazing clawfoot tubs, and the magnificent art decorating the home.

Friday night started off with decorating for a "Pancakes and Panties" themed lingerie shower/pajama party for Niki. While she and another bridesmaid went off for cooking supplies, the rest of us decorated the house.

I made these cute bride/bridesmaid badges myself--
Idea from Pinterest/Etsy 

Bride's glitter monogram tank top. The maids all got blue tanks
with gold glitter monograms. Glitter customizable sash
can be found here

Decorated kitchen for "Pancakes and Panties."
Who doesn't love a pink kitchen?! 

I made this sign using black foam board and a gold
paint pen.  

Plain, chocolate chip, and funfetti pancakes. 

After making dinner together and putting on our cute pj's, we moved to the living room for the lingerie shower and spent the night chatting about all things wedding.

"Pancakes and Panties" Lingerie Shower 

Bridal Sash and Crown 

Saturday was spent exploring Chattanooga. We had brunch at The Blue Plate before spending the afternoon walking around and visiting the DeBarge Winery and the Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery.

Brunch at The Blue Plate. I highly recommend the Grilled Portabello! 

Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery Tour & Tasting 

 Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery Tour & Tasting

Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery Tour & Tasting

Wine Tasting at the DeBarge Urban Winery 

Saturday evening we went back to the house to get ready before heading to dinner at the Flying Squirrel {serious yumminess}, and a stop at Sing it, or Wing it downtown. Listening to karaoke is always fun, but I have to say I am super proud of myself for getting up there with the bride to sing Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody!" 

Beautiful Bride!

Selfie Stick 


Making Whitney Proud

I think we all had a great weekend, and I can't wait to celebrate the Carters in just 27 days at their big day!