Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition

Most everyone who knows me, knows I hate Halloween. I don't really like to dress up {slutty costume probs?}, and I hate being scared. But one of my favorite parts about Halloween was always Trick-or-Treat on Greek Street. So in honor of Halloween, I will remember the "good ol' days" at the Phi Mu house!

October 2011--Pink Witch with the tiny Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind


October 2012--Pink Princess with best friend Jessie from Toy Story, and the cutest Dancing Frog and Baby Princess on the Row

October 2013--Although I wasn't at Trick-or-Treat on Greek Street this year, the bestie sent me a pic of her amazing outfit: Flo from Progressive! 

October 2013--Layla Cow

What are you going to be for Halloween? 

The History of the Great Christmas Power Point

It began back in middle school...around the beginning of October {or June 1 for my grandmother}, "What do you want for your birthday?" "What do you want for Christmas?" At that point, Christmas is still like 60 days away, and that is too far out to make any decisions. But I did realize that if I developed a condensed list of wishes for my birthday, the ones that were not gifted for my birthday could be Christmas presents, and so the Great Christmas Power Point was born.

    I still remember one item from that very first Power Point: the pink Pottery Barn Teen old-fashioned telephone. I lusted after that thing. Dreamed of sitting on my bed, with my stuffed animals, next to my dresser covered in rows of lip gloss, three-way calling all of my besties. Okay, I was 12. But I got it, and it was a big and very specific item, and I saw first hand the power and success of the Great Christmas Power Point.

     You too can create a Great Christmas Power Point! All you need to do is create a ppt. document, select a background/theme, and begin! Include links to the specific items {double check to make sure it is to the correct, size, color, etc.} as well as an exact picture of the item on each slide. This will make the life of the gift purchaser much easier, and I believe is where the true success of this lies. It's really easy, and is not at all time consuming, especially if you have a Pinterest. Now even my littlest brother Sam is making a Christmas power point!

     The issue now is, I am a big girl {or at least pretending to be most days} and these people keep on harassing me for my Christmas power point. Last year, when one was not submitted in a timely fashion, my Nana threatened me with only receiving tube socks if she did not receive the document ASAP. While no such threats have been received this year, I know I've got to get on it.

     What should I include on the Great Christmas Power Point of 2013?

I'm Feeling 22!

Happy Birthday to Me!! I have finally arrived at the end of my birthday month and thought I should do a recap. I was able to celebrate my birthday two weekends in a row this year. Over the weekend of October 11-13, I traveled to Edenton, NC, to visit my family. I updated to the iPhone 5--the government does not need my fingerprint, via iPhone 5s--and was give some gift cards for "big girl clothes" by my brothers, and The Little Mermaid on DVD by my mother! Watching the Little Mermaid as a 22 year old was quite shocking. It's kind of scary! And very intense with the whole Ursula situation...
     I really only had two things on my list this year: The Little Mermaid {check}, and a new purse. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the Bag Fairy! Bringing me the most perfect specimen of a bag! My very own Dooney & Burke Chelsea Shopper in Black--just like I wanted!
     Probably the most amazing bag I've ever owned. Black and brown leather, so it goes with everything. Feet on the bottom to keep it off the floor. And the pockets; have I mentioned the pockets? So many pockets! And I of course love having the shoulder strap option in addition to the top handles. 
     Thank you so much to all my whole family for making this birthday a great one! My school family also got in on the action--we celebrate staff birthdays with a potluck-style lunch. For my celebration, we had the famed Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, along with some Tuscan-style soup. Yummy! Now to get ready for Christopher's birthday in just a few weeks!

Savannah Eats: Tequila's Town &The 5 Spot

Last weekend {October 17-21} was the school's where I work fall break, so I took off towards Savannah to celebrate my birthday weekend with my favorites! I think all we did that weekend was eat. The "fancee" found my favorite birthday cake, the Raspberry Elegance cake at Publix, and somehow managed to sweet talk his way into paying only $5 for it. Supposedly there is some other story, but I know how he charms the ladies...

     Five Guys again when I got there {I believe I am seeing a pattern}, but Saturday was all out foodie fun. Brunch with the sister-in-law-to-be/best friend/big sister at B. Matthew's Eatery--to be covered after the next #SAV trip--before a day out on the town getting pedi's at Spa Bleu, a visit to Wet Willies, and of course tons of shopping. Saturday night, Christopher and I, along with our friends Spencer and Andrew went to Tequila's Town for my birthday dinner. Best. Mexican Food. Ever. I seriously could drink the cheese dip. It's a cozy little place, with an excellent menu that was so fresh and delicious. And of course the margarita pitcher wasn't a bad way to start off a night in downtown Savannah! It was definitely worth our brief wait to eat--check out their menu here.

     Monday I was able to have lunch with Christopher in between his classes and lab before I left town. We accidentally stumbled upon The 5 Spot in Habersham Village which was perfect! I loved the decor--all gray, and ropes, and exposed lighting; it was a really cool place. I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT with rémoulade and sweet potato fries, and Christopher had the amazing Southwest Burger with bow tie mac and cheese. We ended up each taking half of the other's sandwhich because it was too good not to share. They also had a fantastic looking breakfast menu we'll have to go back and try, along with the 5 Spot Nachos we were lusting after at the table next to us. 

     Where should we go next?

It's fall, ya'll!

I love fall, but have a really hard time getting behind most fall decorations. I think the oranges, reds, yellows, etc., are beautiful...outside. I prefer cool colors in my house, so scattering some leaves and tossing in a few pumpkins becomes a disaster for me.
     This year, I tried to take some of my favorite craft elements {glitter, burlap, chevron} and combine them with the tiniest hint of true fall things {pumpkins}. As I hate Halloween...I know, I know...I can't commit to anything that won't be cute after Oct. 31, so I tried to make some things that are good transition pieces that would take me from "It's September, and 87 degrees in Georgia, but I'm going to pretend it's fall" to "It's the second week of November and I'm dying to put up Christmas but there is this thing called Thanksgiving..."

     The gray chevron burlap was found at Hobby Lobby, along with the appliques, the cutest stuffed owl and my tiny hay bale. The orange pumpkin was a fine foam find from the Dollar Tree, and the glitter explosion pumpkin came from Kirkland's.

For Everything There is a Season

Stepping outside on my porch this morning into the brisk 50 degree morning breeze seemed appropriate. After a tumultuous two months full of stress, worry, and tears, I've finally decided to make a change. More or less lots of changes, so the cool winds seemed appropriate. I'm looking for clarity, cleanliness, and confidence in all areas of my life. That starts today, with waking up early to actually eat a {healthy} breakfast, and will end this evening with a major house cleaning session (which may last to tomorrow). I want to enjoy all parts of my life, large and small, and I feel like that can only start if I clean up my space and my habits. 
     So it's finally cold, which to me is encouraging. It's a significant change from the hot, heavy and stagnant things of the world that have been weighing so heavily. I hope it encourages others, like myself, to appreciate and embrace the new: day, season, spirit, attitude, energy, life. I hope to fall into happiness, leaves, fun, coziness, joy, and love.

Today's Jesus Calling devotion starts out saying, "No matter what your circumstances may be, you can find Joy in My Presence." I want to do that--I've gone through some of the most unimaginable pain in the last few months, yet have been strengthened and encouraged and been able to carry on through Christ and loving friends and family members, yet I have failed to find the joy. I pray that starting today I will find the joy in all things, and praise Him for it.

"For you make him most blessed forever; you make him glad with the joy of your presence." 
Psalm 21:6