Top LiketoKnowit Items of 2019

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2019 was my first year using LiketoKnowit, which is an app that allows you to shop for the exact and similar items that I have while allowing me to earn a very small (usually less than 10% of the item's price!) commission. It's been interesting getting a little behind the scenes glimpse of what the "real bloggers" use to make the big thousands and thousands of dollars a year. While I'm not there, I do appreciate those who have shopped with me and through my links! It's such a sweet surprise when people will message me on Instagram asking for a link to something they want to buy, that I haven't necessarily even shared yet.

Earning a little bit through LTK lets me continue to blog and share things on Instagram. I find it incredibly helpful to see how different things fit on a variety of body shapes and sizes, and I think it helps others too. Anyways, here's a round up of the most popular items from my LTK in 2019! Ya'll loved dresses and vacation wear so I'll be sure to keep that coming in 2020. And as always, thanks for visiting my Instagram and LiketoKnowit pages, every little like/comment/share/save/shop helps.

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