Pupstar Update--1 month

One month ago today, I went and picked up my sweet Layla Claire. I can't believe I'm a puppy mother to such a crazy little nugget of energy! She loves her ball, her Boo, and gnawing on anything that is wooden, or my fingers. She's just over three pounds now, and only expected to be about six pounds after she finishes growing. She likes to sleep right next to me, and basically be right near me at all times, except when I can bring her to work and she can run the long school halls (she's a little diva that loves her air conditioning!).

Love you, Miss La!

Some Finishing Touches

These are a few things that have been added recently that really have made some of these spaces come together:
I added the floral print, some silk flowers in the blue mason jar, and the blue and white pillow.

I love the beautiful painting I added in my room, and the awesome sequin throw pillow!

And of course, this gem! 


Kirkland's Headboard

I'm so excited about this beautiful bargain! This is the Nora Queen headboard from Kirkland's--originally $299, but with my 25% off 4th of July email discount and free shipping to store, it came out right under $250. It's a really nice burlap-like material that compliments my World Market silver damask burlap printed lamp shades. Pewter nail heads accent this piece nicely.

There were a lot of reviews on this piece about the predrilled holes not aligning with a traditional bed frame. I found it to be sturdy enough to stand on its own with the bed pushed up against it. I'm so relieved to finally have a headboard so I no longer feel like I'm going to slip between the bed and the wall in the middle of the night!

Big thanks to my Nana and Papaw for helping me pick it up and set it up!

The Little Things

This whole big girl job thing is something else. While I love having something to do everyday, I do miss the college days of throwing on Norts and a sorority T-shirt and being good to go. When will corporate America finally decide this is acceptable Casual Friday wear? But I really don't miss the homework. That is the absolute best.

I've been blessed to return to the school I attended the majority of my life, working on admissions, marketing and public relations. It's been a surreal experience in many ways. To finally see the fruits the hard work of those that came before me, and to keep the spirit and mission going is something I'm in awe of daily. It's also been a place of finding peace for me. There were many hardships and difficulties that I've carried with me from my high school days. I was wary I could ever over come those memories and feelings.

While I know that you don't do the right thing to be rewarded or praised, it is truly the biggest confidence booster to have people, years later, say they are impressed with how I handled things in the past, who I've become as a person, and where I am going. Those comments have been some of the biggest pain relievers I've ever experienced. I don't know that many people can go home after a long day at their first job and feel loved and truly cared for by the people they work both for and with.

So the point of this? Do right. It's hard. But it's worth it. Also, the biggest compliment you could pay someone today is to tell them that you are proud of them: what they do, who they are, how they act. Make sure the little things don't go unnoticed today.