Merry Christmas from The McAfees!

Merry Christmas from us and the pups! Such a big year, full of changes and new adventures; looking forward to 2018 already. 

Sharing our Christmas card here because I didn't order enough! In some ways, it's a blessing; I didn't realize just how many new friends we've made in the past year. We're so thankful for these new relationships, and all of our older friendships, too.

Lots of love! 

Christmas Kitchen

I love the slightly vintage vibe of our kitchen Christmas decor. Most of it is Dollar Spot finds from Target! Each year they have just a couple of cute dollar items that really end up all working together. Funny story about the Christmas Countdown on the stove: bought that three of four years ago from the T, and could not find chalk anywhere! Ended up finding some right before Christmas, and then have continually hid it from myself such that I find it throughout the year but never in December! So no Christmas Countdown for us...

Tartan & Buffalo Check Christmas

Two words: tree collar. With the recent inclusion of our newest addition, Miss Marble the Kitty, I have quickly learned how absolutely necessary this Christmas decor item is. While the one I really wanted sold out {Hearth & Hand problems, thanks Target}, after fishing the cat out of the tree on multiple occasions, I was half tempted to just go to Home Depot and buy a galvanized tub to sit the base of the tree in. Side note: while writing this, I had to pluck her out of the curtains. The curtains! 

I really didn't love how my main tree turned out last year; it never really felt complete. And this year, I decided I wanted to incorporate a traditional Christmas tartan ribbon in our main tree because it's extremely close to CJM's family's tartan. To somewhat mute the red {I love red and green, but not so much in my house}, I incorporated a beautiful, wide black and white buffalo check. Our tree topper? Big bows with a rack of deer antlers tucked into the top from CJM's first hunt of the season. I guess I'm officially a South Georgia girl now!

Mixing metallics is something I love doing with jewelry, so I incorporated that trend into the other decor throughout the living room, too. Gold balls in the garland with silver stockings hanging nearby, more ornaments in a silver Reed & Barton bowl on the coffee table, and a mix of silver, gold and white nativity and Christmas figurines on the sideboard as well. It's one of my favorite spaces to be this holiday season.

Pink & Gold Holiday Dining Room

It's been so fun decorating our first home for Christmas this year! We've grown to a full four Christmas trees: one in the living room, one on the front porch, one in the guest room, and one in the dining room. Last year, the dining room tree was the gold spray painted one featuring our wedding ornaments. This year, we have two new nine foot trees for the living and dining rooms, so I really decided to change things up.

I've put all of the unique ornaments on our main tree in the living room with a red tartan ribbon in an effort to tie in the McAfee family tartan, and decided to do just pink and gold ornaments in the dining room to coordinate with our funky multi-colored rug. The pink and gold ornaments are a mix of my great grandmother's hot pink Shiny Brights, newer gold Shiny Brights, and pink and gold shatter proof ornaments {thanks, animals}. 

Our centerpiece was an awesome Black Friday find from Kirklands! I thought the gold accented burlap ribbon would tie in nicely with the small bit of burlap on our main tree, and the pair of antlers from CJM's first deer of the season at the top of our main coming next!