One Year Engage-iversary

Happy One Year of being engaged to my sweet love, Christopher!
This year has pushed us individually, but ultimately towards each other, 
and for that I am thankful. 
While we don't have all of the wedding details worked out, I am looking
forward to spending the rest of my life with you. 
I am so happy to call you mine, 
forever and always. 

     Last year when Christopher walked me around Sweetheart Circle at Georgia Southern three times, I thought it was sweet, and that eh simply fulfilling my wish of participating in that most precious rite of Southern sweethearts. Who knew that week would end with me being swept off my feet, literally, and launching us into a whole new world! {Read about our engagement story, here.}

crown & ivy

     Have you been to Belk in a while? I went this past weekend, and stumbled upon a new line at Belk called crown & ivy. According to my Google search, this is a "southwestern themed" clothing line, but I saw a lot more East Coast influence! Lobsters, patterns, and stripes galore, with a good bit of eyelet thrown in to the mix. The line's colors focus around navy, coral, and white, which are three of my favorite for summer. And the prices were really great as well.

     I plan on investing in quite a few of these pieces throughout the summer as I update my warm weather work and play wardrobe to a more "adult" and classic look. 

Easter 2014

My sweet love 
"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." -- Robert Flatt

Ever since Christopher and I started dating, we've spent Easter with his family in South Georgia. This year, we had the opportunity to visit with my mom and brothers in South Carolina for the weekend. Christopher came into town on Saturday night, and we went to dinner with my brother and his new lady friend. After dinner, Christopher and I went to Redbone Alley, a Florence staple, and enjoyed after-dinner drinks before heading home to get in bed before the 'Eater Bunni' visited. 

Sunday morning, my mom and I got up to make macaroni and cheese before church. We all went to the Newspring Florence campus for church {watch the amazing service here}, and had lunch with some friends that afternoon. Pictures followed lunch, and then the sweet boys put my mom's birthday grill together before we all left to head back for Atlanta/Savannah. Too short of a weekend, but so much fun! Looking forward to another great weekend this week as well! 

My handsome, grown up brothers!

P.S. Update from Newspring Church---how amazing is this? If you don't have a church home, or are looking for a great community that encourages your faith daily, please check out Newspring Church. They have so many amazing resources online and on Facebook, and are starting an online Bible study today! I've never attend a church so real, encouraging, and practical as Newspring! 

Throwback Thursday: Easter

Don't you just love little brothers?

Savannah Eats: Moon River Brewing Company

The Swamp Fox 
The latter half of my spring break last week was spent with the fiance in Savannah. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend: sunny, 80's, and breezy. While I never quite made it to the beach, I did spend some quality time out by the pool, and adventuring with the dogs out in the marsh behind his house.

Saturday night was date night, and Christopher decided to take me to Moon River Brewing Company downtown. They have this "Quality Assurance Team" where for $35, you can become a lifetime member and get things like a free mug, discounted drink prices, 2-for-1 appetizers on the weekends during happy hour, etc., so we were going to take advantage of the appetizer special. Unknown to us, it was prom night. There were prom-ers everywhere! There is no way my mother would have let me drive in downtown Savannah on a Saturday night, in a prom dress, with some boy in a giant truck that doesn't know where he's going, much less where to park. But I digress...

I was super excited about Moon River because that is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and because we could sit outside {kind of a big deal in my book}. And the food was yummy too! We shared some giant nachos, and then I had some amazing beef brisket tacos with chipotle ranch and salsa. After dinner, Christopher took me to all his favorite late night spots, and we had so much fun. So thankful for a wonderful long weekend with my love!

Live music makes any dinner great
Jimmy Wolling Band 

We had fun dancing at City Market--This couple really
got into it!

My new boyfriend, Johnny Mercer 

Happy Birthday, Layla Claire!

What a fun spring break I had! Christopher visited with me and my grandparents during the first weekend of the break, and then I headed to Florence to stay with my mom and brothers for a few days before rounding things out with a weekend in Savannah. During the middle of the week was a much anticipated holiday: Layla's first birthday!

I can't imagine how tiny that sweet little nugget was when she was born on April 8, 2013. She is such a blessing to me, and my whole family! I would have been so very lonely throughout the last year without her little kisses, snuggles, and loves. I love my LC, Miss La, and Bubbie. Of course we had to have a little Lilly Pulitzer themed party for her and Miss Macy. I found the cutest Pup Pie at PetsMart for the dogs {pumpkin and peanut butter, smelled yummy!} and got a little cake for the other guests as well.

Layla's party on Tuesday seemed to be fun, she spent a lot of time chasing after Sam on his bike which was something she had never seen before. She and Macy obsessively played with the Magical Ball that must be put away at bedtime or it becomes a problem {and of course she was less than excited about her new present, a crinkly and squeaky fox toy} before they devoured their cake pieces. So much fun!

Flashback Friday: Spring Break

Woooohooo!! It's Friday! And not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday before Spring Break! While I don't have too many glamorous plans {visit from fiance, stay with mother, Savannah} I am excited for a break from the real world for a week. Here's a few of my favorite pictures from Spring Break 2013, when me and the dolls all went on a cruise. This was my first cruise, and I'm not quite sure yet if it will be my last. I do wish I was laying out on the beach all week!

My Sweet Little Family 

Prettiest Girls I Ever Did See 

Not a backdrop, but the most beautiful sunset ever!

Bahamas 2013 

Bahamas 2013

My New Boyfriend: Senor Frog

One of my first Phi Mu friends, Amanda!