Wedding Week

Wedding week is here! And as much as I had hoped to blog regularly this week, I doubt that is going to happen. The much easier option is to fill Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with quick snapshots of all the excitement.

Want to follow along with the fun {and love and stuff...}? Check out these two hashtags on social media all weekend! #marryingmcafee and #themcafees430, and of course my Insta/Snapchat/Twitter handle @piperellice will give you an up close and personal picture into everything from the pre-wedding pedicures, to the bridesmaid sleepover Friday night!

For now, it's au revoir my little blog! After our wedding Saturday evening, we'll be hopping on a boat on Sunday for an eight day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean! I'll be back May 9 ready to recap all the excitement.

Lots of love from the very soon to be, Mrs. McAfee!