Bridal Portraits

There haven't been a ton of wedding pictures floating around the interwebs because 1. They aren't done yet {Who wants to rush the photographer? Take your time and make me look fab, please!!} and 2. I really want to try and submit our photos to a few wedding magazines in hopes of getting it featured {because I'm super proud of it all!} and one of the stipulations of submission is that there is basically no prior 'scoop' on the event.

So in an effort to post-pone as long as possible, and give myself time to reflect, I thought I would share just a few of my bridal portraits! I took these about a month before the wedding which was a great run through of hair, make up, and all the accessories. I took the puppies with me as a surprise for Christopher, which was revealed on our wedding day when a framed engagement photo was swapped during the ceremony with a bridal portrait. He loved it!