August Recipe Review

August has felt super busy for me. The hubs, affectionately known as CJM in my phone and now here on the blog, has/is taking all three of his tests for the Georgia Board of Pharmacy this month. I've been out of town for work one weekend, another to visit my family, and just overall really work focused. Needless to say, my recipe adventures this month have slacked a bit. I've been craving comfort foods {think pork chops + black-eyed peas + sauteed spinach, or meatloaf + green bean casserole} and less adventurous.

My most exciting attempt came early in August with this wonderful, most amazing, bright and zingy Cilantro-Lime Black Bean Shrimp and Rice bowl. You're going to want to add this to your regular rotation. It is DELICIOUS! Easily the best thing I've cooked thus far in the marriage. I loved the large amounts of garlic and lime that brought this dish to life. I used just regular long-grain rice, not Jasmine, and it was perfection. Otherwise: don't change a thing. It's absolute perfection.

Switching gears from a perfect recipe, to one that is open to interpretation: one Saturday after shopping at the local Farmer's Market, we came home and made low carb pizzas using a low carb tortilla. I saw this inspiration on one of my favorite blogger Erin's Snapchat one day, and thought that might fulfill that pizza craving we get when trying to eat healthy. I loved it. We made four pizzas, two regular and two "white," with the low carb/high fiber tortillas from the grocery store. A jar of pizza sauce plus pepperonis and lots of cheese for the regular, and a mix of ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, spinach, olive oil, grape tomatoes, and grated parmesan for the other. Bake in the oven on 425 for 5-7 minutes until it gets bubbly in the middle. The crust is really crispy, and the flavors taste just like take out. Hits the spot!  

Be sure to check out my Lemon Oreo Truffle recipe from earlier this week here!

Sip & See Shopping Spree

Last night, I hosted a "shop my closet" event with a few friends. My mom actually came up with this brilliant idea, and it gave me the opportunity to get rid of a few things that I didn't love any more but others would!

Setting up an event like this is easy: clean out your closet {I did the take everything out and look at each piece one by one. Only put back the ones that you absolutely love/fit you/are in good condition/etc.}, invite your friends to do the same, grab some goodies, and pick a date! I borrowed a giant retail clothing rack from a friend, CJM helped organize all the non-hanging items, and I displayed some pretty goodies on the dining room table. It was so nice to be able to use a lot of my wedding gifts for the first time!

I used Canva to design my electronic invitation {it's also a great place to design blog graphics, too!} and blasted it on Facebook. I picked up a few napkins that coordinated with the pineapple summer-y theme of the invitation, and of course lots of pink treats! 

Have you ever hosted a "shop my closet" event? What made it successful for you? 

Lemon OREO Truffles

 In preparation of the Sip & See Shopping Spree tomorrow {come shop my closet, details here!} I decided to make a few sweet treats for my guests. I've recently discovered the lemon flavored OREOs, and oh my goodness, they are amazing. I can actually just eat the recommended serving size of two {measly} cookies because they're the right amount of sweet and tart to truly cleanse your palate.

After tasting them, I was reminded how delicious the regular "vanilla" OREO truffles were that I made last year for CJM's birthday--they tasted just like cake batter, dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles! They were delicious. So why wouldn't the lemon ones be just as good?

OREO truffles are one of my go-to baked goods because they require no baking, three main ingredients, and just a little bit of time! I used two packs of cookies because I wanted to make a lot of truffles, and found that two bars of cream cheese were a little too much for me; I like my truffles just a bit drier. I also will share my pro-tip for working with white chocolate: Gulf Wax. My great grandmother always melted a bit into her dark chocolate dipping sauce for peanut butter balls at Christmas to make them shiny, and I've found that it thins out the sometimes difficult to work with white chocolate.

Lemon OREO Truffles
Makes roughly six dozen

2 packages of Lemon OREO cookies
2 8 oz. bars of Cream Cheese
2 bags of white chocolate chips
1/4 bar of Gulf Wax
Sprinkles, optional

Using a blender or food processor, pulsate the cookies, creme and all, until completely ground. Mix ground cookies with two bars of cream cheese {or a bar and a half if you prefer a drier mix} using a stand mixer. Roll tablespoon size balls of mixture, placing on wax paper. Refrigerate dough for ten minutes if not rolling well. Freeze for 15 minutes. While freezing, melt chocolate and wax in double boiler on stove. Once melted, dip individual truffles into white chocolate and place back on wax. Top with sprinkles immediately. Store in the refrigerator up to a week, or until you devour them all...whichever comes first!

Pinterest has a lot of other fun flavor combinations of OREO truffles that I can't wait to try, like peppermint at Christmas! Share this recipe with your followers by pinning the image below!