Mid-March Recap

It's amazing to me how fast time flies as an adult. I remember being little, and counting down the days to whatever event {okay, maybe not so little. Maybe like, 16...} because time just moved so slowly. Now, I am feeling like I need just two, three, four, more hours in the day to get it all done!

But here we are, and we've lived in our new house and town for just a little over a month. And what a month it's been! During that time we've gone through two rounds of living room paint, too few boxes, and wayyy too many trips to Home Depot. We've had our first weekend guests, made an eight our round trip to pick up dining room furniture, and have crafted spaces and unique pieces to fill our home. And we've had a lot of fun!

A few of my favorite highlights of the last month:

I took a photography class with the amazing Frank Fortune {longtime Georgia Southern photographer, etc.} in the two weeks I had off between jobs. It was so educational, and has really helped me understand my camera much better. I love seeing an instant improvement in my shots, and look forward to learning even more and refining my hobby even further.

I experienced my first Dublin St. Patrick's season. 52 official events span the end of February to the end of March, but the pinnacle event is definitely Super Saturday and the St. Patrick's Parade followed by an Arts & Crafts  Festival. We had a float for work, and it was really cool to work on that together and then walk the parade route through town. So many people! I kept hearing how huge of an event it was, but until you actually see it, its hard to believe.

I'm looking forward to heading to North Georgia for the weekend to see all my sweet little friends who were in our wedding, and watching the new Beauty & the Beast movie with them. Happy weekend, friend!

Springtime Sweets | Italian Lemon Pound Cake

Spring, where'd ya go? 

It was beautiful last week--warm and sunny almost every day. Yesterday we saw temps in the upper 40's with a steady drizzle. Probably the perfect daylight savings time kind of weather, which allowed for like, three naps throughout the cloudy afternoon. 

This week is going to be busy with all of the St. Patrick's festivities coming up, but I'm looking forward to it, especially after a really great first week at my new job. But of course last Sunday, I had a few little butterflies in my tummy with those "night before nerves."

Baking is quite a good stress reliever for me, and is something I really haven't done a lot of in the last year or so, as I didn't consistently have people who would help me eat the creations! But last Sunday we were heading to a small dinner party, and CJM was working all afternoon, so I browsed through Pinterest for a springy dessert to bake that would compliment an Italian/seafood meal.

This Italian Lemon Pound Cake was a breeze to mix up, baked perfectly, and tasted delicious. It was definitely one of those things that gets better as the days go on, so I'd recommend this as a "make ahead" recipe! Its a dense yet moist cake, with the most amazing tart and tangy icing. Also, the pinch of ginger added in really takes the cake! I may be whipping this one up again for Easter...try it, and let me know what you think.

St. Patrick's Day Home Decor

St. Patrick's Day is kind of a big deal here in Dublin.

I've heard this over and over again, but am finally getting to experience the festivities for myself. After Valentine's Day, I started thinking about switching out my decor, and even went ahead and put our mossy green "M" door hanger from our wedding on the front door. I also whipped out the precious St. Pats garden flag gifted to me at my holiday celebration themed bridal shower last year. But one day while driving around town, I realized that all of a sudden, everyone had green bows on their mailboxes. And light posts. And columns. Green bows were everywhere!

Even though it wasn't March, the town was essentially out of green ribbon that wasn't just solid green, so I had to make a trip of Hobby Lobby in Statesboro for something a little unique. I have a few more SPD decor pieces, but they're all packed away somewhere in the box maze that is my garage! At least I can prepare better for next year, and start collecting things early!

Mud Pie dishtowel wrack 

Swoozie's Moss Initial 

Flag from Luella Floral & Farm