Happy Hour 06.15.17

"Our weekends begin on Thursdays...And you ain't seen nothing yet."--Erk Russell

I've seen a lot of bloggers post life updates and recaps in a regular "coffee date" type of post. I really enjoy reading those kinds of things, and while I've recently graduated to Gilmore Girls level of coffee consumption, I don't really enjoy coffee dates; I'm much more of a happy hour kind of girl. Therefore I present to you, Happy Hour: a semi-regular life update type of post here on the blog, featuring a delicious new cocktail recipe! 

Recently, I've joined the local Junior League, learned how to play Bridge, and have just overall been enjoying our new home and town. CJM and I are settling into a schedule, finding a church, and enjoying being on the same work schedule which is the first time that's ever happened in our 5+ years together. I hosted the Junior League summer social and it was so nice to have some girlfriend time again! Our home has been perfect for warm-weather get togethers, especially since CJM built this beautiful U-shaped bench for our screened in porch. The shorter pieces are movable, so we can take them off the porch and onto the patio if we wanted. He's been doing a lot of woodworking, and has been filling lots of orders for corn hole boards! 

It's been nice to have multiple weekends in a row with little to do, and to just stick close to home. I know that will quickly come to the close once summer is over; I'm pretty sure we have a wedding to go to every other weekend in September and October! But I'm looking forward to traveling again and seeing friends I've missed for so long. 

Last weekend, my grandparents came into town to visit and I cooked my first ever low country boil. While it turned out delicious, I now understand why having a giant stock pot is such a necessity. I ended up passing the bag of crab boil seasoning back and forth between the two pots of shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage, because I couldn't fit it all in one pot! But it turned out really yummy, and it was nice to try something different. 

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Friday night we had dinner at one of our favorite places in town, Company Supply. It was perfect weather, so we sat outside. I enjoyed their featured seasonal cocktail, the Bee’s Knees. Of course I picked it because of the gin, duh! It tasted like equal parts gin and tea, with lots of lemon. It would be super easy to recreate at home! I'm looking forward to enjoying lots of delicious drinks on the back porch this summer!

The Bee's Knees by Company Supply in Dublin, Ga. 
-Hendrick's Gin
-Earl Grey Tea infused with honey
-Fresh squeezed lemon juice

What I'm Reading

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Sometimes life is to hard, heavy, and overwhelming. While one of my favorite escape is watching terrible TV, I've been working at picking up books to lift my spirits more frequently. It's odd to have moved to a town that doesn't seem to have a book store, but thankfully, I've got Amazon Prime to meet my fix almost immediately.

This summer, I've been focusing on favorites. Whether that be new favorite authors {I'm looking at you Liane Moriaty}, favorite actresses, or favorite people; it's definitely been a deciding theme.

To get started, I breezed through Lauren Graham's Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls. I've always adored Lauren Graham first in Gilmore Girls, and now as I'm working my way through Parenthood {it's amazing; go watch}. She writes just as she seems as her characters: witty and fast, and also hilarious. I loved some of the behind the scene peeks into her life and her shows.

I'm currently laughing through I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster. I've also read her book Pretty in Plaid a few years ago and loved it. Funny, real, and engaging. Similar in style to Celia Rivenbark, but a little bit cleaner perhaps. I appreciate her love of the 80's, her dogs, and lists. It's kind of like talking with my mom, honestly. She's also a hoot to follow on Facebook!

Next up is Truly, Madly, Guiltily, by Liane Moriaty, which was one of last summer's hottest titles. I never quite made it over to TMG, but am looking forward to a long weekend to dig into it. Last year, I fell in love with Liane's easy reads like The Husband's Secret and The Hypnotist's Love Story.

What are you reading this summer?

Home Tour | Living

Long time no blog, huh. I guess I have a pretty okay 'excuse' as we have been extremely busy working on the house and figuring out where everything needs to go! In the last month, CJM has also started a new job, we've thrown a couple of get-togethers, and spent a lot of time with family and friends. It's been good to have a little break from the social media world; I mean, I only posted on Instagram like once a week a couple of times--crazy!

But back to the house: it's in no way done {I still occasionally have an internal debate about repainting the living room...again...}, but we're getting to a pretty comfortable level of done-ness. I'm sure it will be a few years until we feel everything is final once we do some bigger projects like replacing the roof and counter tops. I still need to hang pictures and art, but once our giant wedding canvases came in, the room really came together. By the way, I order all of my canvases from easycanvasprints.com ; the most amazing prices, quality, and quick shipping around!

And yes, I love gray. I'm planning on adding some natural pops of color through plants and floral arrangements, but I like to add things a little at a time and let them marinate for a while before I add anything else. I'd really love a lantern collection to add to the fireplace area with some big white candles; I am definitely a candle-aholic!

One of my favorite pieces in the living room is the antique buffet that has been in my family since the early 1900s. There is a matching china cabinet in the kitchen, and my mom still has the original dining room table in her house. Besides being totally functional and where I store all of my cake stands, silver, and large serving dishes, it's absolutely beautiful! Everyone compliments it as soon as they walk into the room.

Over the summer, I'm planning on sharing the kitchen, dining room, master bed and bath, and our outdoor living spaces. Stick around to see the rest!