It is Finished

I can't believe I'm done. I am a college graduate. It really didn't hit me until the night before that I was actually leaving Statesboro for good the next afternoon. It had been an interesting week, going through so many final rituals and rites of passage but it had yet to truly set in. 

As I walked across the stage, more nervous that the announcer would pronounce my name incorrectly than about the high likelihood of tripping, I looked out at the stands and peacefully realized "I am DONE!!" No more busy work, or papers, or group projects, or meaningless assignments. I have completed what sometimes seemed to be the impossible: I have graduated college, and in three years at that! 

Graduation was a really fun day with both my family as well as the fiancé's meeting at the Phi Mu house for a cookout after the commencement ceremony. From there we went to Sweetheart Circle to take some cap and gown pictures before loading up and heading back to Florence, SC, for two weeks before I move to Atlanta!





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