The Project that Seemed to Never End

I will never again paint a bookcase. This literally was the most horrible project I undertook. It was so awkward to paint, especially with the bar in the middle, and not being able to take the shelves out. I attempted to do the homemade chalk paint again and continually ran into problems. The first batch instantly hardened thanks to me accidentally pouring too much Plaster of Paris in the jar. The second batch turned out perfectly, but I had no idea the entire piece would require so much paint! After picking up another sample, I realized the base was a different brand so the color was slightly different.

Needless to say, I wanted to pull my hair out. I did find out a trick with this piece though--use a paint brush and paint the furniture wax on after painting it! It's loads easier than the traditional "wax on, wax off" method, and I felt like it sealed the paint better too. Big thanks to Brittney Wallace on helping me finish everything the night before my move!

I have my bookcase in the foyer. It's not too wide, and is the perfect place for a lamp that can always stay on. I hate coming home to a dark house, any time of day! 


I'm so glad I found such a great place to display some of my favorite things: my engagement sign and the candle from my Phi Mu candlelight, the "Mommy and Me" glamour shot, the Phi Mu headquarters figurine, and my beloved blue mason jars from my bid day decorations last year!

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