It's fall, ya'll!

I love fall, but have a really hard time getting behind most fall decorations. I think the oranges, reds, yellows, etc., are beautiful...outside. I prefer cool colors in my house, so scattering some leaves and tossing in a few pumpkins becomes a disaster for me.
     This year, I tried to take some of my favorite craft elements {glitter, burlap, chevron} and combine them with the tiniest hint of true fall things {pumpkins}. As I hate Halloween...I know, I know...I can't commit to anything that won't be cute after Oct. 31, so I tried to make some things that are good transition pieces that would take me from "It's September, and 87 degrees in Georgia, but I'm going to pretend it's fall" to "It's the second week of November and I'm dying to put up Christmas but there is this thing called Thanksgiving..."

     The gray chevron burlap was found at Hobby Lobby, along with the appliques, the cutest stuffed owl and my tiny hay bale. The orange pumpkin was a fine foam find from the Dollar Tree, and the glitter explosion pumpkin came from Kirkland's.

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