Happy Birthday, Layla Claire!

What a fun spring break I had! Christopher visited with me and my grandparents during the first weekend of the break, and then I headed to Florence to stay with my mom and brothers for a few days before rounding things out with a weekend in Savannah. During the middle of the week was a much anticipated holiday: Layla's first birthday!

I can't imagine how tiny that sweet little nugget was when she was born on April 8, 2013. She is such a blessing to me, and my whole family! I would have been so very lonely throughout the last year without her little kisses, snuggles, and loves. I love my LC, Miss La, and Bubbie. Of course we had to have a little Lilly Pulitzer themed party for her and Miss Macy. I found the cutest Pup Pie at PetsMart for the dogs {pumpkin and peanut butter, smelled yummy!} and got a little cake for the other guests as well.

Layla's party on Tuesday seemed to be fun, she spent a lot of time chasing after Sam on his bike which was something she had never seen before. She and Macy obsessively played with the Magical Ball that must be put away at bedtime or it becomes a problem {and of course she was less than excited about her new present, a crinkly and squeaky fox toy} before they devoured their cake pieces. So much fun!

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