Starting Out in Tennis

I'm super excited about moving to Statesboro and all of the fun activities I have planned: walks with Layla through Georgia Southern's campus, shopping at all my favorite places like Walker Boutique, eating at all of the new little places that have popped up in the year since I left, and hanging out with my best girlfriends. But I'm really looking forward to taking tennis lessons this summer! I tried to pick it up in high school, but never really had consistent instruction. In addition to learning the skills, I can't wait to get some of the cute gear. Now to find my pink tennis racket that I haven't used in about three moves...after I browse through some Tennis-piration from Pinterest!
Anchors Monogram Tennis Backpack  

Spring Wimbledon Dress, $50
Pure Lime Tropical Dress, $68.97

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  1. So cute.. I just followed Walker Boutique on Facebook. :) Can't wait to see your tennis pictures. :)


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