What's in a Name?

Happy June! Today marks one week in my new home. In honor of such a memorable occassion, I'm requesting your assistance in today's new home project: naming my house. I am truly at loss when it comes to what to call my Home-Sweet-Home! Homes with great names tell great stories...Downton Abbey, Tara, Wuthering Heights, Twelve Oaks...and I'm ready to have my great story told. 

My little house has some quirky characteristics for sure as it's old, white brick, with a nice front porch on Park Ave. If you could name a house, what would it be? Park Palace? The Lemonade Stand {submitted by the mother}? Leave your suggestions below!

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  1. Piper's Palace or Park Avenue Palace.

  2. Thanks! I think I'm leaning towards Park Avenue Palace...

  3. Belle Bungalow.... Belle Park.... Belle Aire.....why am I stuck on Belle? Piper's on Park?


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