Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Isn't it every bridesmaid's worst fear that they will be shoved in to a hideous bridesmaid dress? Something ugly and unflattering, and in the most atrocious color? I can't imagine wearing some of the styles of the past: hats, gloves, matching umbrellas, sometimes even weird bridesmaid veils.

Needless to say, I wanted to give my girls as much control over their dresses as possible. I had already decided on the color, fabric, and length, so the girls could pick a variety of necklines and waist designs. I like the idea of every one showing off a little bit of their personality while still maintaining a cohesive look as a group.

It's always interesting to watch people try on dresses they've looked at online. Most of the time, the online representation and the actual reality after trying the dress on are two totally different things. There was a mix of that in the group, but I think everyone finally decided on dresses that they liked. I loved playing dress up with my friends and my mother too, who was bound and determined to not get a "matronly" Mother of the Bride dress.

If you're in the Statesboro/Savannah area, J'Adore Bridal in Brooklet was a great location to try on and select everyone's dresses. They're very accommodating, have a large selection, and are priced competitively. I think everyone got a better deal on their dresses than the sale prices was online! Being a bridesmaid can get pricey, quick, and J'Adore is able to set up payment plans and other arrangements to make it easier for everyone involved.

A special thanks to all the girls {and the mommas!} who were able to make a trip to Statesboro to spend time with me and experience this time together. I can't wait for all of us to get together soon.

Decisions, decisions. 

Missing two of our lovely Peony Princesses!

Thankful to share these experiences with my mom. 

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  1. It was fun....even if you don't like my dancing.

  2. I"m so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your wedding planning with us!

  3. WOW! These dresses are so beautiful! I wonder if you could buy one for yourself even though there isn't a wedding:).
    Where did you get your bridesmaid dress from, Piper?

    1. We went to a store called J'Adore in Brooklet, Ga. Brides come from all over to shop with them--they have a great selection, and I'm sure you could get a dress for any kind of fancy event!

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