Gift from my Groom

Christopher and I chose to exchange gifts prior to our wedding, but to do so separately as to not see each other before the ceremony. I'm so glad we ended up doing this, because it became my favorite part of our awesome wedding video

For my gift, Christopher gave me two things: a handwritten note and a bracelet. I love love letters, and I have every one he's ever written me stored away in a mason jar. This one was extra special, not just because it was on our wedding day, but because he wrote what I've been asking about forever which was what he said when we got engaged. That moment of the proposal was such a whirlwind, that I can't even remember what he said to me! I know that is so awful {this is why you should always take pictures/videos of everything, in my opinion!} but it's true. 

 My second gift from him was a beautiful silver coordinates bracelet engraved on one side with Statesboro, where we met, and the other side with Myrtle Beach, where we got engaged. I love it! It's such a dainty little piece that I'll treasure forever. I wore it down the aisle with a bracelet that my grandmother made for me to match bracelets she made for all the little girls in our wedding party.

While we were on our honeymoon, Christopher said something in passing about having another gift for me. I remember looking at him, but not saying anything. I love presents, but don't like to think too much about them because I get really worked up and excited which can be a little distracting, and at that point we had like five more days on our cruise left! 

When we got home on Sunday to a cleaned house with rose petals on the bed, my dress displayed beautifully, and wedding memorabilia throughout the house, he presented me with another gift: a 14 karat gold coordinates necklace featuring our wedding venue. In his words, he "couldn't give it to me before the wedding, because we weren't married yet!" It was such a great surprise; I've been wanting a gold bar necklace for forever, and love that this one bears such great meaning. 

The necklace is beautiful. It compliments the bracelet perfectly! I love that I can wear them together, or wear one or the other if I'm doing more gold or silver on that day. The necklace is a shorter length which layers perfectly with some of my other necklaces for a really cool look. I think I'll plan on adding more coordinate bars of different lengths as we reach various milestones and memories.

Necklace and bracelet can be found here. Our beautiful monogrammed linen coasters, here, thanks to our lovely Matron of Honor!

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  1. Love your necklace!! I clicked on the link to the necklace and that is the same place my husband got my monogrammed wedding necklace! That is too funny because before he got it I had never heard of that place!

    1. Twins!! I hadn't heard of it either {and when I saw the box, I was like...this sounds inappropriate, lol} but they have a ton of beautiful things!

  2. What a wonderful Momento of your beautiful day!


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