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Who doesn't love a bright, clean kitchen? The kitchen was one part of the house that really attracted us when we began the house shopping process. I loved how open the layout was, the bright white cabinets, and the gorgeous paint color that changes slightly throughout the day from a neutral clay to a light, minty green. I realized while editing these pictures, that I never took a picture of the rug in the “main” part of the kitchen! I absolutely love a rug in a kitchen {except when you spill your most favorite shrimp and corn chowder from Statesboro all over it…}. I feel like a rug just kind of pulls the whole space together and makes the kitchen just as cozy as the rest of the house. 

 The kitchen is one of my favorite places to sit and do my Bible study in the morning. There is a huge window behind the breakfast table overlooking the backyard and the stunning knockout roses that are in their second round of blooms. I love sitting there for a few minutes during the morning while enjoying the day's first cup of coffee and working through All Things New, the study the women's Bible study group I've recently joined is going through, and spending a few moments in prayer. Lighting Bath & Body Works new “Tea & Lemon” candle really adds to the ambiance as well; it smells just like a tall, cool glass of sweet tea! 

Having a huge pantry has helped me become more organized in my shopping and storing, as there are not as many cabinets as it would seem, and only three drawers. Luckily I inherited the beautiful china cabinet that sits next to the breakfast table! It has three shelves that currently house my monogrammed recipe box, all of my cookbooks, and some beautiful serving pieces. The bottom drawer has been a great place to store table linens. 

Probably my favorite new item is the galvanized hanger in our kitchen. I scooped it up at one of my favorite local boutiques, The Freckled Frog, and it has been such a lifesaver. I like to go through my mail daily, while my husband likes to check his occasionally. Clutter on the counter {mail, dirty dishes, crumbs, etc.} is one of those things that just absolutely drives me nuts, so finding somewhere for the mail to live was a necessity. With the wall hanger, I can just stick all of his mail in there for him to get to it when the moment strikes while getting it off the counter!

I need to figure out what to put on top of the cabinets. With us working towards the vague “rustic chic” look as a combination of our married tastes, the Chip and Jo farmhouse trend definitely fits into that in certain aspects. While I don’t think we quite qualify for a “FARMHOUSE” sign above the cabinets, I definitely think a long tobacco basket and a galvanized vase of white hydrangeas might be the right fit. We currently have a cake stand and an “M” from our wedding displayed with a vintage Jack Daniels bottle with gold accents that we found one day while antiquing. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our kitchen; up next, dining room! 

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  1. Piper, you (and Christopher) are putting together a beautiful home for yourselves. I can't wait to continue the tour. May I ask where you found the marriage rules towel and the triple basket on the stovetop? I love the height of the basket and I love the marriage rules. (They are a great reminder for those of us that have been married almost 14 years!) I wish my cabinets had the distance from the countertops and yours do as my Kitchenaid (identical to yours) doesn't fit! :( I love the openness and brightness and I'm so glad you mentioned how the time of day affects the paint color. I first notice the walls in the picture that looks minty green! :) I do have a suggestion when it comes time to replace the fridge. Look for a counter depth fridge. We just had to replace ours and I didn't like ours sticking out and made out kitchen feel even smaller. I decided to try a cabinet/counter depth fridge and don't miss the few cubic feet of fridge space I lost. Again, love everything you are doing and a great combo of you both!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I found my tea towel at a gift shop in Aiken, SC--I have looked and looked online and only found it available via whole sale...boo! And the three tier basket was passed down via my mother; she'd had it for years before I got it! I've seen some similar things at TJ/Target.

      Great idea on the fridge! It does feel giant in the kitchen, but then I worry we wouldn't have enough room, too. Is it really bad that I want one with the TV in the door? Even though I can see the TV from the sink? LOL!

  2. It's a joy watching it all unfold! Looking beautiful, Piper!!!


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