Candle Combinations

Last weekend as I was walking out of Bath & Body Works, I realized I am truly a candle addict. I had a bit of a shopping bug that Saturday, and was hoping to pick up those last few summer pieces at Belk but couldn't stand the thought of trying anything on since their air conditioner was broken for the second week in a row and it was 95 degrees outside at 10 a.m.

So I wandered through the mall {a generous word to describe the current state of shopping options within the walls of the small-town center}, and saw that the BBW candles were on sale! Yay! My absolute favorite candles that are normally over $20 were on sale for $12.50, and were $10 for email subscribers. A little tid bit I've learned from my new BBW friends: their candles are now going on sale at least once a month, and the beautiful candle holders will only be marked down on Black Friday in November.

I've always felt that the fragrance in your home should be a continuation of the decor vibe. I like things to be crisp and clean, as well as warm and cozy, and I feel like this combination really hits the spot! Additional bonus: it matches our decor perfectly, and the marble accented jars have become new cotton ball holders in our master bath!

The Tea & Lemon scent smells just like a cold, large glass of sweet tea. It's perfect in the kitchen where I crave a clean scent that's strong enough to clear our cooking smells, but doesn't over power the entire house. Of course, I love this candle design too, with the alternating marble and wood stripes. I think I'm going to use these emptied glass containers in my upstairs guest bathroom for cotton balls and Q-tips.

The Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla candle hangs out in my living and dining rooms. I like that it's not as sugary sweet as some vanilla candles can be--I don't need my candle making me want cupcakes and cookies any more than I already do! It's still a 'clean' scent, in that it doesn't smell like the Pillsbury Dough Boy lives in my house. These jars are used in my dark blue master bath to hold small supplies.

The Honey Vanilla is upstairs in our master bedroom. It coordinates perfectly with our bedding and decor, and is just the right fragrance to settle in with after a long day. Plus, there's a cute new fall design, too!

There's a 3-wick candle sale that ends today--I love stocking up when these are on sale for $12.50 a piece when they're usually $22+. My hall closet is stacked full of candles, and empty jars to reuse throughout the house, too, which makes it seem like an even better deal when I get a cutesy container out of it!

How do you use your leftover candle containers?

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  1. Hmmm, wonder where you Aquired such a weakness��


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