Pink & Gold Holiday Dining Room

It's been so fun decorating our first home for Christmas this year! We've grown to a full four Christmas trees: one in the living room, one on the front porch, one in the guest room, and one in the dining room. Last year, the dining room tree was the gold spray painted one featuring our wedding ornaments. This year, we have two new nine foot trees for the living and dining rooms, so I really decided to change things up.

I've put all of the unique ornaments on our main tree in the living room with a red tartan ribbon in an effort to tie in the McAfee family tartan, and decided to do just pink and gold ornaments in the dining room to coordinate with our funky multi-colored rug. The pink and gold ornaments are a mix of my great grandmother's hot pink Shiny Brights, newer gold Shiny Brights, and pink and gold shatter proof ornaments {thanks, animals}. 

Our centerpiece was an awesome Black Friday find from Kirklands! I thought the gold accented burlap ribbon would tie in nicely with the small bit of burlap on our main tree, and the pair of antlers from CJM's first deer of the season at the top of our main coming next!

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