Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Here we are, two years married next week. It's kind of hard to believe it! On Saturday, we'll have been engaged for five years. It's so sweet to look back and see how far we've come, and how much we've grown together and as individuals.

We really like sticking to the 'traditional' wedding anniversary gifts, but this year it was hard: cotton and china?! Those are kind of both girly options in my mind, so I was really struggling. I tried for a week to get Christopher to skip the gifts this year, but no such luck. I finally found him something really cool {and not on this list!} that I think will surprise him.

When I thought about cotton, I first thought about nice Egyptian cotton sheets. A gift for both, but one that could be given by either party! You can never have too many sets of sheets {especially with pets, and I've heard the same with regards to kiddos}, so this is an obvious choice. But I was looking for something a little unusual.

For the men, a new button down shirt is always a nice gift, especially a cotton shirt by Cotton Brothers to really stick with the theme here! You could even get it monogrammed for a touch of personalization. For a unique gift, you could get a custom cotton-themed wall hanging like this one with your initial, name and the year you were married. It's nice to give gifts that will be seen daily! For a more subtle unique gift, you could double dip with the cotton and china theme and fill a porcelain vase or pitcher with some long stemmed cotton bolls to display somewhere in your home.

Going the china route may be easier if you registered for a pattern or two when you got married. There's always new additional pieces to the classic collections like my family's Old Country Roses, and besides, you can never have too many place settings! I'd love to get a few more pieces from my Christmas pattern, the Spode Christmas Tree Gold Collection. Who cares if our anniversary is in April?!

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