Living Room Re-do

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We've lived in our house for almost two and a half years, which is kind of hard to believe. Time passes so much faster the older I get, plus we are always having a lot of fun in our community and traveling to other places too. But lately I've been feeling like I needed a change.

My family moved ever 18-24 months or so for most of my life, and I think that schedule is almost ingrained in my body. About six months ago, I just got the desire for a blank slate or a new house or something. After looking at a few things we decided to just stay where we are and make some changes here. You can always paint a wall after all, and our house is really the perfect size and location for us right now.

We've found a color palette that we're going to use to repaint the whole house {with just a few minor tweaks}, and we decided to get a few new pieces of furniture to really make the whole house feel fresh. CJM and I went to look at sofas on July 4th and fell in love with basically the first one we saw. The clearance center had multiples but they were on reserve for an interior designer who ended up wanting them all. Our living room is too narrow to have a sectional but I'm always feeling like we need more seating so we've decided to go with two matching sofas facing each other.

CJM really kicked the whole process off with a new coffee table, and I just ordered two slip covered Farlov sofas from Ikea {not linkable, so similar product is linked in the shopable image above}. They come in next week I cannot wait! In the meantime, I've been spending my evenings before bed perusing Amazon and Pinterest for all things home decor and curating the new look. You can check out our semi-current look here {we've changed the rug/curtains/a few pillows and things since then, but overall the feel is the same}.

But now, here comes the hard part. The new gray. The one in the color palette we're using is really a little too dark {SW Light French Gray}, and the lighter suggested version is Sherwin Williams Eider White. My SIL loves Agreeable Gray and I hear great things about Repose, too. So we're trying them all!

After getting two samples from my local SW store, I painted two sample sticker squares and stuck them on the wall. I realized those weren't the right colors, but didn't want to buy two more huge samples from SW {what's the deal with that anyways? Home Depot has like tiny samples that are true samples; these are like quarts!} and have to paint things to hang, etc. etc. While browsing Pinterest, this thing called Samplize popped up and I clicked! It's pre-painted sticker samples that cost less than $6 a piece! Perfection. I've order two other colors and they should arrive today. I'm super excited to hang all four colors together and finally pick the perfect gray.

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