It Only Took Me Until My Senior Year... fully embarrass myself more than I have in years.

Even more so than the time I ran into the post in the middle of the Food Lion and knocked myself out so hard my bracelet flew off my arm and I laid in the middle of the grocery store floor until my parents found me.

Even more so than the last days of both fifth and sixth grades when I sat on chocolate icing and boys asked me if I had "stuff" on my pants.

Yesterday, I presented my senior PR campaign to our client, the communication studies major. I normally feel like I am a pretty well spoken public speaker, but after yesterday I may need to reevaluate. Our campaign included a progressive and new idea, that unfortunately brought on a lot of scrutiny from our client.
While I attempted to respond to a very negative question, I reached down and felt my dress. Low and behold, I realized my dress was inside out.

 So I am standing there, in an inside out dress, in front of my class of slack-jawed students, while being interrogated by the head of the department. And I completely lose my train of thought. Absolutely nothing was in my brain. And of course, my face looks bizarre and everyone gives me more weird looks because I can't speak.

Great way to finish out the year...thank goodness I already have a job, as after this, my mother may have had to come and check that I was appropriately dressed for the interview!

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  1. Hahahahahaha! I promise to write inside and outside on all your clothes before you start your new job!


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