Starting Out With a New Blog

I'm not exactly new to the blogging world. My mother first introduced me to blogging after her success at Southern Somedays. I started my first blog towards the end of my senior year and high school. While I enjoyed it greatly, the busy season definitely set in with Rush and my first semester of classes and I got a little side tracked. Then I was forced to blog in my communications classes, and that unfortunately seemed to sap any creativity from me.
      Now that I am about to graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Public Relations (in three years, too!), I've rediscovered my writing side thanks to the multitude of excitements that have been coming my way in recent months. I've accepted the position of Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Public Relations for North Georgia Christian School in Flowery Branch, Ga., and will be relocating back to Hall County at the end of May. I attended NGC for the majority of my school career, so I am thrilled to be returning to such a sweet family.
     I will be moving in to an adorable apartment that I can't wait to decorate, and will be only 45 minutes from both sets of grandparents. This is a particular blessing as my parents will be moving to Edenton, NC., at the end of June. Of course, I am terribly distracted from finishing school at the moment with all of the planning that has taken over! All I want to do is paint furniture and buy lamps, which unfortunately is not exactly a conducive environment for writing four papers...
     I'm excited to be starting a new blog. I've rediscovered my creativity and can't wait to share it with the world. I'm excited to be starting a new career at a new (again) place. And ultimately, I'm excited to be Starting Out Southern.

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