Closeted Aggravation

Not much posting around here during the summer. I've been busy with work, friends, and my life loves, and just haven't had much to blog about recently. I've also been focusing on getting my house in order, and cooking at home/exercising as often as possible. But with the focus on updating the house and my look, I've become so frustrated with my closet. Did you know I only wear coral? Like seriously, that's basically all I've got in my closet for summer. How dumb. I'm thinking that during August I'll focus on doing some updating with some different colors, as well as finishing out the living room with a big white rug. Here's what I'm thinking...

Talbot's Edie Strip
I actually already have this dress
and it's perfect for summer and those hot game days.
Dress Up's Summer Peaches Maxi
Yes, I realize there is coral on this.
But it's also beautiful, and could be worn
in the fall with a denim jacket.
Talbot's Polka-Dot Shirtdress
Amazing for fall--work and game days.
Also would be a great transition dress,
wedges for September, boots for October. 

Target Jacquard Fit-n-Flare
I'm really into this cut right now,
as it's fun, forgiving, and super work appropriate.
This dress would also be a good summer
to winter pick. (and is currently on clearance)

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  1. You look adorbs no matter what color you wear!!! It if works, then wear it!


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