Healthy Yogurt Yummy

Back on the healthy eating bandwagon today, folks. It's amazing how unsettling a move, new job, etc., can be to a routine. I finally had my full of my favorite junk foods, and kicked the day off with an Atkins meal replacement shake {serious yum if you've never tried it--they even have flavors with coffee!!}, and did a big haul at the grocery store tonight to get supplies. That's my number one downfall: not being prepared. Not having food on hand sends me straight to Chick-fil-A. 

I've been seeing this low-carb/healthy dessert recipe on Pinterest lately and thought tonight during The Bachellorette would be the perfect time to try it! So easy peasy, just yogurt and sugar free pudding mix. That's it! I looked for the lowest carb yogurt I could find, scooped it into a bowl, and mixed in the pudding powder a little at a time. I knew it was ready once the tart yogurt scent swapped to a graham crackery/cheesecake scent. I let it sit for a few minutes to thicken like real pudding, and yummy! This may be my new favorite thing! 

What's your favorite healthy recipe? 

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