Chicken Bog & Pie Day

When done, your CB will be sticky
and very filling!
I'm not totally sure how it happened, but months ago, we determined that in January we'd celebrate Pie Day at work. January is a bummer of a month--dreary weather, "healthy" resolution eating, and getting back into regular schedule all of which is no fun. So we'd have one fun day and have pies for lunch. Well I can't just have pie, I've got to have some protein too! So I decided to make the famous Chicken Bog {chicken=protein, you know}.

Chicken Bog is specific to the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, and is different that jambalaya or gumbo--it's much drier, and spicier. It's hot, and sticky, and just warms you up all over. Absolutely perfect for a snow day or in our case, a 50 degree 100% chance of rain South Georgia day. And it compliments pie oh so well. Here's my recipe:

Piper's Chicken Bog
1 rotisserie Chicken (you can boil a whole chicken, but that is a hassle. Plus the seasonings from the rotisserie chicken add something yummy!)
1 lb. kielbasa (cut to bite size pieces)
8 cups of water
8 chicken bullion cubes
1 teaspoon each black and red pepper
1 teaspoon Lawry's
garlic salt to taste
1/4 cup of butter
three bay leaves
3 cups rice long grain

Shred the whole chicken, chop the kielbasa, then bring all ingredients except rice to a boil and cover on low boil for 20 min. Add 3 cups of rice, bring back up to a boil, and let the rice cook until done.

Chicken Bog freezes great, is always better the second day, and is best served in a Styrofoam cup with a plastic spork at a high school football game in South Carolina.

P.S. So January 23 is actually National Pie Day. YAY!

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