How I Asked--Flower Girl Edition

Little London has been in my life since I met Christopher. She's always held a sweet spot in my heart for many reason. She is a sassy little thing, but she's growing up quick, and has been asking for years now to be my flower girl. We decided to ask her on Easter now that we have a date and venue decided on, and I wanted to make it an Easter themed "proposal." I purchased her flower girl basket, and filled it with numbered eggs that spelled out "Will you be our flower girl?" on individual notes.

Thank you, Hobby Lobby!

Who knew they made white filler eggs?!

Laying out the eggs in order

What's inside?!

Our pretty little flower girl!

I'm not sure she was too pleased to find out that her Easter basket from us would have to be put up until next year for safe-keeping, but she was pretty excited about picking out some gold glittery shoes for the big event!


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  1. This is adorable. I have loved these last two posts. Keep them coming...and your "littles" are precious. :)

  2. This next year is going to be so exciting! :)


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