The Taste of the Symphony 2015

The Taste is something my mother and I look forward to every year. She's a member of the Symphony Guild in Florence, SC, that supports and promotes the local symphony. The Taste is their annual fundraiser, and the way it is organized and put on is unique to Florence. Many "taste" events I've been to consist of purchasing an entrance ticket anywhere from $12-$30 per person, and also purchasing food/drink tickets for a dollar a piece. The various food and drink items are each priced at a different ticket level, say four tickets for a fish taco, and two for a cake pop.

The Florence Taste does it differently--for $75 a piece, you can eat and drink to your heart's content. I prefer this method mostly because it's easier, and faster. The Taste in Florence is amazing. The food every year blows me away. There are annual staples like one company's fried oysters {served in a small wooden canoe--so cute!} and of course some version of shrimp & grits {or specialty versions like quail & grits last year}that I look forward to each year.

It's also a great opportunity for larger restaurants who have a somewhat set menu to surprise the town with a unique dish for the evening, that's often kept under wraps until that night.  Two years ago Red Bone Alley, a Florence staple, surprised attendees with an amazing, spicy pork mini-taco with a pineapple salsa, and a tequila shot in a shot glass made completely out of ice. How cool!

The most important booth-the bar! 

Red Bone Alley--They took the Gatsby theme to a whole new level!

Center tables filled with creations by the Symphony Guild members

Yes, those are live lobsters. 

My favorite thing--the Macaroon Tree
Beatiful Decorations! 

I ate so much this year--of course the oysters, and quail and grits were amazing. The standout of the night for me was the gourmet s'mores. Dark chocolate covered graham crackers, with melty marshmallow in the middle. If you know me, you know I love s'mores; I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!

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  1. That macaroon tree is so cute! Looks like a nice event. :)


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