Wedding Registry

The fiance and I are going to register this weekend! Initially, all I could thing was "Wheeee! FUN!" and then my Type A personality kicked in. What do I need? Where is my list? How many of everything do I need? Where do I go? How does this work?

 I already have a lot since I've lived by myself for three years, as does Christopher. Luckily, I already have the token KitchenAid mixer thanks to my stellar Nana and her magical attic. Some of the things I have, I won't need more of: plain wine glasses. Between the two of us, we probably have 48 already. But some items that I got as "hand-me-down" things to get my household started, I will need to register for.

Plus, I'm looking forward to picking out things that are "us." Although to be totally honest, I may or may not have started already...oops! I was just working away on the wedding website, and wanted to see what the registry page looked like, which you can't really do until you register for stuff. So I went ahead and set up online registries just to get the feel of it, and well, I really liked it. I had to make myself stop!

I've spent the last few days scouring Pinterest, the knot, and other resources trying to develop a concise checklist of what to register for. It was nice to already check some things off! So now it comes down to you: what are some things you wished you had registered for but didn't? And what is something you did get that you had absolutely no use for?

And can someone please explain to me how 6 bath towels is supposed to be enough for two people without doing a load of whites every other day?!

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