Wedding Website--Do I?

The last few months, I've had a never ending debate going on in my head: do I do a wedding website? I already have this blog {which is hard enough to keep up regularly with all of my other life stuffs going on}, so is it really a good idea to create one more thing to maintain? I've seen the good ones, I've seen the really really bad ones--varying first/third persons, horrible stories, blank pages, blurry pictures--and I can't decide if it's worth it!

Also, I worry that creating a website advertising every single little detail like location, wedding party, registry information, and an online RSVP little detail might open the door for hurt feelings for those who weren't able to be included in our special day. Then the Internet stalker in me is screaming,"No! I like creeping on everyone else's websites and seeing what they're doing. No hurt feelings here!" And of course, the grammar Nazi in me wants it all to be perfect if I go ahead and design a site. So I am at a complete and utter loss.

I feel like I've got three options:
  1. No wedding website, period. I like the idea of including all the information on additional cards in the invitation suite as was traditionally done before the World Wide Web...but of course, no registry information! 
  2. Create a wedding info page here on the blog--more of a "guest book" and less of a traditional wedding website, though I imagine it would be smart of me to include accommodations options, local restaurants and shops, and online registry links for convenience. 
  3. Bite the bullet and do a full on wedding website. There are a few I like and that kind of work with the overall feel we're going towards throughout the planning process. Take a look at my favorites here:
Appy Couple--Coordinating App and Website

Riley & Grey--Custom Domain Name and RSVP Capabilities

So what are your thoughts? Do you like Wedding Websites? If so, why; and if not, why not? Thanks for all the help!

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  1. maintains itself after you initially enter the information. You could link it to your blog and call it a day.

    1. Oh I didn't know it could link up! That would be great--will have to look into it.


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