Engagement Pictures: Round Three

In April, Christopher and I took our engagement pictures with one of my sorority sisters, Ari. She took my brother's senior pictures back in March, and my biffle/big/future sister-in-law Niki's engagement pictures earlier in the year. We went to three different locations that all held importance to us as a couple, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites from each place.

So there is this grove of trees on Highway 67 towards Savannah that I pass every time I go see Christopher. It's beautiful, and the funny thing is that it's shoved between a store with ginormous tractors out front, and a rather unfortunate looking neighborhood. I've always thought to myself, "Oh, I'd like to take pictures there some day." So when Ari said she wanted to head out to this grove on 67 for our last spot, we hopped in the car and followed along behind her without a second thought. I was thrilled that she too wanted to take pictures there, and we had the best time going for a little "nature walk" in the grove.

Now it's an even more important place to drive by, and I can't wait to someday {a long time from now...} take a Little or two out there for pictures as a family.


P.S. Another fave from this location will be on my Instagram account later today! Check it out: @piperellice

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  1. Y'all are just the cutest couple and I'm enjoying all the engagement photos!

    1. Thank you, Miss Janice! Such an honor having you follow along. We are having so much fun.


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