Wedding Wednesday: Foul-proof Wedding Gifts

Wedding events often involve a gift for the couple to celebrate their union. While not every couple chooses to register, most do, so when it comes to gift giving it's best to stick to the list. They registered in those places for those things for a reason, right?

But if you're attending multiple events, or the list is a little lacking in many options, there a few tried and true gifts I go to for brides and grooms.

 The Newlywed Cookbook--There will be lots of plates, cups, cutlery, and bake-ware registered for, but most places don't have cookbooks to zap with the scanner! As hard as it is to cook for one, transitioning into cooking for two can be tough as well, and a cookbook specifically for newlyweds or couples would be a great gift. I also like giving cookbooks that are from my hometown with local recipes, or even one from a place special to the couple.

Cookbooks make a nice addition to a themed group of little gifts. I've run across registries where only the potholders and spatulas are left, and that didn't feel glamorous enough for a gift. Toss those items and a cookbook into a cute yet functional basket, and you have a great, well-thought-out gift!

 The deviled egg tray is something most couples my age don't register for, but is something they totally need {in my opinion any ways!}. I think it's a great "investment piece" for future holidays and dinners you may be hosting at your home. There are beautiful vintage ones available on eBay that I would love to collect, but I traditionally will give a pewter monogrammed one to the couple. This is my absolute go-to gift when I don't know what to get, or when attending a monogrammed themed shower. While not everything on the registry could/should/would be monogrammed, this is a functional piece that won't take up unnecessary space.
 When we were registering, my fiance was shocked at how expensive the "fancy" picture frames were. I look at it like you are spending thousands of dollars on these pictures to last forever, and they deserve to be in a beautiful frame! This one is my favorite--it's kate spade, is a quatrefoil shape {Phi Mu shoutout!} and has space for a picture of the couple on their wedding day, as well as their wedding invitation. I registered for this exact frame from Belk {where it's often on sale!} and hope I can display my invitation soon.

Even if the couple isn't getting married during the Christmas season, get them an ornament or two! Hobby Lobby puts out Christmas in July, and most gift shops will keep one or two designs specifically for weddings on hand all year, so they aren't too hard to find locally. Of course there are plenty online. Not all couples have the joy of celebrating their first married Christmas with a completely covered tree {or moving into a house with a dedicated Christmas room...oops.} so an ornament would be a really thoughtful gift. I do like ones with wedding dates, or even engagement dates depending on the event/time of year! And since most wedding ornaments are in traditional white wedding colors, there is little worry of the style of ornament clashing with their personal Christmas style. Ornaments can make great tie-ons to gifts, too!

You can find all of these gifts at the following links:
Oval Devil Egg Tray

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  1. Seriously, a deviled egg tray is a must for any Southern girl!


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