Shower the Home

Woohoo! Hello, world! I'm finally done with my second of two annual fundraisers that I coordinate at work for the year. I can breathe again! And what better way to celebrate the success of an event with another event that involves presents and cupcakes?!

Saturday saw the last of Niki's showers leading up to her wedding. Her mother, my future mother-in-law, hosted a Home Shower at the family church in Dublin, Georgia. It was a sweet, intimate gathering of family and friends.

The invitation featured a recipe card on the back, and all guests brought a favorite recipe with them to give to the bride. I included the recipe for my favorite Kahlua cake, which can be found here. The most prized recipe was Niki & Christopher's aunts' egg rolls from the Philippines. I hope to be blessed with that deliciousness once I officially join the family, too!

Niki's favorite cupcakes, red velvet. 

Monogrammed acrylic recipe box to hold the recipes
brought by guests. 

My gift to Niki which was the trifle bowl she had registered for,
with all the ingredients to the Kahlua cake inside,
as well as a Georgia-themed cookbook and fall tea towels. 

Home themed gifts 

Me with both my mothers! 

I've never seen such joy over a trashcan before!


Next weekend, we'll be heading to Chattanooga for Niki's Bachelorette weekend. Can't wait! 

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