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My favorite accessory has got to be a good stack of bracelets. I won't leave the house without earrings on, but when getting ready every day I am rarely seen without multiple bangles stacked up behind my watch. I've gotten questions about why I only wear bracelets on my left arm--if I don't, they get banged up and are noisy when I'm writing with my right!

When I think of cuff bracelets, I think of huge costume jewelry not suitable for every day. But lately, I've stumbled across a couple of beauties worn by my favorite Instagram-ers, or on Pinterest.

 The Coordinates Collection is so cool. There are rings, bracelets, and necklaces that come in a variety of metals, with tons of different finishing options. I'd love to have one with the location of a very special place on it, like where Christopher and I met or got engaged. With the many different design options, this line could easily become your go-to for special events like weddings, amazing vacations, births, etc.

Kendra Scott is so trendy right now. I love how you can customize the stones to your liking. My favorite is the Andy Bracelet in Ivory Pearl. The unique shape is eye-catching, and I like the "mother of pearl" light reflecting and color changing qualities the stones give off.
 KJP and Sarah Vickers, need I say more? Of course this is the perfect bracelet. Part of the KJP Atlantic Pearl Collection, this Classy Girl bracelet is a little reminiscent of the David Yurman look, but way more gold and way more pearls--always a good thing. Need more reason to snag this pretty? One of my favorite classic prep blogs can give you plenty: Classy Girls Wear Pearls.
I've been telling everyone that my birthday/Christmas list is my wedding registry this year, but these could be great non-wedding related gifts, right?

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