The Fair

The time has come...I think I may be too old for the fair rides. As much as I love the fair, the spinning and twirling is too much for my 24 year old bod to take. Especially post corndog, philly cheesesteak, cotton candy, and boiled peanuts...all of which I split with Christopher of course.

We started our night off on that ride that goes backward then goes forward in a circle, followed by the swings. I remember that being a favorite of mine as a child, but now it's slightly terrifying. How does that little woven seat never break? And how do those few chains not snap? And that little tiny lap's that keeping me in?

Of course we rode the ferris wheel, followed by some horrible swinging and spinning ride. That one was where I finally "felt my age." It was dizzying enough that the carousel ride afterwards was almost not enjoyable!

I think Christopher's favorite event of the evening was the pig races. After going through the petting zoo, he saw a sign for pig races. We walked over and waited for it to start. I thought we would just stay for the first heat, but he wanted to stay through it all. I can honestly say I have never seen a true pot-bellied pig until last night. Those pigs' stomachs dragged the ground! This city girl always learns so much at the fair!

Let's ride!

Scary Zebra 

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