It's my birthday! Here's 24 reasons why I'm excited about my birthday, and being 24.

  1. The fair. 
  2. Today is the 4th year anniversary of the day I met Christopher.
  3. Getting to go to the fair today, with Christopher. 
  4. Birthday cake.
  5. Funnel cake. 
  6. I'm getting married this year! 
  7. My wonderful friends who made this past weekend the absolute best. 
  8. It's Tuesday, so that means all of last night's Bravo shows are now available on the app for me to watch {it's the little things}.
  9. My family and getting to celebrate with them this weekend.
  10. 441 Kitchen & Pub for lunch with my wonderful work friends. 
  11. Getting my first place setting of my everyday china as a birthday gift this weekend from my future sister in law. 
  12. Feeling older, and in a good way. From Friday night:
    Random guy: Happy Birthday! 21?
    Me: Thanks! Nope, I'm turning 24.
    Random guy: Well you look 21!
    Me: Excellent...!
  13. Perfect birthday weather. 
  14. Christopher's wedding band arriving today {it's a sign!}. 
  15. Finding a Georgia Southern academic logo sign in the Chamber yard left over from last night's fair parade. 
  16. Morning snuggles with my puppy dogs. 
  17. My best friend's wedding in 12 days. 
  18. Wearing my new favorite shirt to work {it's the pink one in the picture}. 
  19. All the coupons my favorite stores have sent me to use this month. 
  20. This "Very Vanilla" coffee I stumbled upon at the grocery store last night...yum. 
  21. The Google birthday logo! So fancy.
  22. All the sweet texts, calls, and Facebook posts I've gotten today. Thank you!
  23. Being alive {these long lists are hard}.
  24. This list being over! 

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  1. Aww, this is a sweet post. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest girls I know. You deserve all the joy and so much more.


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