Birthday Recap: CJM is 24!

Happy birthday, Christopher {yesterday.}! Although we didn't get to see too much of each other yesterday, I'm forever thankful that you're only an hour away and we can have a late night El Som/birthday marg run on your day off. Also sorry that we're the same age again, which I know makes you sad {#cougar}.

Grown up birthdays, especially those that fall in the middle of the week, are kind of weird. I love birthdays, so I want it to be a big deal regardless, but the rest of the world seems to not feel the same. I tried to stretch it out just a little bit by bringing Christopher's birthday gift and goodies to him on Sunday when I went to visit his family. 

His favorite cookies are white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Coincidentally, I also needed to do some baking for the Statesboro Jaycee's bake sale last Friday. So I whipped out the Kitchen Aid {which is never an easy task with the industrial one that I have} and made a double batch of this cookie recipe. Yum. So good, and very easy--my only suggestion is to bump up the temp to 350 degrees. I'm much more of a baker than I am a cooker and I find baking to be something of a stress reliever, too. 

Bake Sale-ers. 

For weeks I've been teasing Christopher about his birthday gift, saying that it was something I wanted him to have and not necessarily something he wants. Because I found it and thought it was awesome! His family is very into their Scottish heritage {he even plays the bagpipes, although I've never actually seen this happen}, and we are planning on incorporating the family crest into some of our wedding details. So when I stumbled upon this ring on Etsy, I thought it would be something he would really enjoy or could at least become a family heirloom of sorts.

How cool? I think he and his whole family were really excited about it. I know it's been a transition for him, getting used to wearing a ring, but it's good practice for that wedding band! Oh, and those truffles from the first picture? Major yummies. Birthday cake truffles--tastes just like birthday cake batter and they're made from golden Oreos and cream cheese. I found the recipe here, and I'm definitely going to try this out at Christmas with the mint oreos. Wouldn't they be pretty dipped in white chocolate with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top?  

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  1. I love this entire post! White chocolate, macadamia nuts are my fav cookie to! I'm definitely keeping that cookie recipe, and I love your suggestion to use mint oreos in the truffles. Christopher's ring is awesome. I think if you ever make it to the Wyld...Christopher and Nicholas need to talk Scottish ancestry. Nick's last name is McNabb...they have their own clan and tartan, and a large ancient family cemetery in Scotland. My mom was able to trace our lineage back to Robert the Bruce (which may or may not be a good thing I suppose) she often teased us about being princesses. :)

    1. Oh that is so cool! Christopher's grandfather has been to Scotland and traced their ancestry too. And we definitely need to make it to Wyld; we haven't been to Savannah in months now that he's on rotations!


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