Golden Christmas

If you've been reading this blog for a year or so, or hang out with me pretty much ever {because this is a tale that bears repeating}, you may remember the Black Christmas Tree Incident of 2014--you can read about it here. After perusing Pinterest Christmas ideas one day, I saw where a lady had spray painted her tree. That seemed do-able, and thanks to my fiance, light holder, and all-around craftiness supporter, I decided to spray paint his black Christmas tree.

The original post that inspired me used floral spray paint, but that didn't seem convenient to me. I pretty much always have a can or two of metallic gold spray paint on hand {I may or may not have a problem spray painting random stuff into golden gems}, so I thought I would try that out. Two cans later, I am thrilled with the results! I may have developed a small case of carpal tunnel after all that spraying, but we no longer have a black tree.

Halfway through the spraying.


I've already received quite a few wedding themed Christmas ornaments. They all fall into that gold/white/metallic design category, so I thought I would display all of them here! I'm so excited to have more than one big tree in the house...I did grow up in a home that had at least seven each year. And I know...I do have "Ms" on my tree even though I'm not yet an "M." They're just too pretty to keep in their boxes for another year!

Wedding cake ornament which we received
after registering at Walker Boutique

Special Bride to Be ornament 

My signature word in gold! 

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  1. Love it! Would have never thought to spray paint a Christmas tree! :)


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