4 fourth of july memories

My family moved around a lot throughout my childhood, which meant I got to experience holidays in many different places with different traditions and events. I've always loved Independence Day due to my emotional obsession to fireworks and all things sparkly. Also, hotdogs, cotton candy, funnel cake, watermelon, boiled peanuts, etc.

This year, Christopher and I will be hanging close to home after have a couple really busy weeks apart and I'm looking forward to attending my first ever Firecracker Fest with friends. Some of my favorite memories surround the fourth of July, in some way or another!

1. When we lived in New York, we went to watch the fireworks shot off over the Hudson River. The weather is so very different there: much cooler, and no humidity compared to Georgia. I distinctly remember being told to bring a light jacket as it would get chilly once the sun went down {I also remember the atrocious silver wire glasses I wore at that time, but that's another story}. Over the next year, we moved back south, and when the fourth rolled around and it was time to go see fireworks, I ran to get a jacket much to the amusement of my parents. Needless to say, it took me a while to assimilate back into the warmer weather.

2. The summer after I graduated high school, we moved from north of Atlanta to Florence, SC, where I was born. My mom, who at the time had a very popular blog, invited the daughter of one of her bloggy buddies to come stay with us the week of the fourth. Brooke and I were close in age, and both of us were starting college in the fall. We spent the week together exploring Florence and we all went to Myrtle Beach on the fourth of July. We beached at the Myrtle Beach State Park, which is a great place to go for the day, and then watched fireworks that evening while eating dinner which was so much fun. Brooke also has a blog, and it's been a great way for us to stay in touch...check her out, here!

We had bought the same dress in different colors for Easter
and wore them together--weren't we the cutest?!
3. Two or three years ago, I went with my mom and brothers to the Darlington race track for the fourth. They have a huge event with turkey legs, race cars, and amazing fireworks. It was quite the people watching event, that's for sure!

4. Last year, Christopher and I spent the day on Hilton Head with some of his pharmacy school friends. We had a great time at one of the hotel's private beaches, and a lovely dinner at the Westin. But truly the best part was when we were coming back into Savannah over the bridge, just as the fireworks began over the Savannah River. We were higher up than the entire town, and could see sparkling explosions from every square, too. It was absolutely beautiful, and I so wish I had pictures from that night!

Happy fourth of July to you, and yours; here's to making new memories!

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