Quarterly Review

Photo by Ari Merritt Photography

We've made it through the first quarter! Three months--how exciting is that. I really thought time would slow down after the year{s} long countdown to the wedding, but if anything it's sped up. We've started getting into a good groove with our work schedules, house maintenance, and fun time together with friends. There have been a few hard days where personalities have clashed, and understanding of each other has grown. But it is so wonderful to be able to figure out things together. CJM takes his final pharmacy exams throughout the month of August, and I think it's already proven to be a bit of a stress reliever to be present and supportive of each other together in our home through this final stressful hurtle on a daily basis.

We'll be celebrating our three months of happiness tonight, reminiscing our wonderful honeymoon with a dinner of crab cakes and gin cocktails. Maybe I should also make us three different desserts to try!

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