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This weekend, CJM and I went to Atlanta for a really terrible football game that I honestly don't even want to talk about. Other than that, we had the absolute best time! Friday night, we got in kind of late, but our hotel was amazing--we stayed at The W Downtown, and it was so nice. We had a blast at the bar until way too late in the evening.

Saturday was a chilly and windy, but beautiful day. We walked to the Georgia Dome for the game, where I realized I forgot our tickets in the room {of course} about half way there. After the game, we had dinner at one of our favorite places: Ted's Montana Grill. There is something about a massive bison burger that makes both of us so happy.

Sunday morning we got up and brunched and shopped at Ikea before heading back south. It was really our first weekend getaway since the honeymoon, and we both left feeling so thankful that we had time together this weekend.

Saturday, I broke out a few of my favorite fall staples. I layered my favorite Old Navy chambray dress with this tan plaid Mud Pie wrap, topping it all off with a wool hat from Nordstrom and my favorite Talbots riding boots. The Georgia Dome has lots of rules about what you can and cannot bring in, but my monogrammed clutch from Walker Boutique passed the test...a little bit of sassiness may or may not have also helped make that happen, but a girl needs a bag!

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture bags aren't allowed in the Dome either, so we had to do some quick iPhone photography!

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  1. Jelly! But you look gorgeous!!!

  2. The W is nice. I have a friend who lives there.

    1. ooo fancy! Chris and I talked about how interesting that would be.


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