New Car Accessories

Last night I got my first ever, brand new car! I'm sure the whole world is sick and tired of hearing me talk about my dream of a white SUV with a third row; I know Christopher was! After much debating on body styles and features, we decided to go with a Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium. It met all of my "requirements": white, tan leather, third row, sunroof; and was sporty looking in the body style for him.

But now comes the fun part: the accessories. The hubs puts nothing on his car, but I like a little personality and flair {monogram, anyone?}. These are a few things I'd like to deck "Fancy the 4Runner."

My favorite pewter GS Alumni license plate frame is nowhere to be found!
This one from Amazon would be a good alternative. 

If not going the Georgia Southern route, I am loving all things marble right now.
A monogrammed set from Etsy would do the trick! 

Speaking of marble and monograms...I may have already ordered
this Moon & Lola keychain in the "Blonde Tortoise" marble-y color
with my gold monogram! 

I've never really had to think about a trailer hitch before, but
this cover would be the perfect way to show my GS pride! 

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