2016 Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are in the mail, and I'm only looking for one more gift with 18 days to spare! I love checking things off  my list, and with December being a busy work month in addition to holiday festivities, the list sometimes seems to grow daily.

Christopher actually picked out our Christmas cards this year. I truly value his input in decisions, even if sometimes it doesn't always seem like it! I also can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to get the return address pre-printed on the back. Life saver!!

Don't fret, there is still time to get your pictures together to order some awesome cards! And of course, you could always send out New Year's greetings to give you a little more time. Shutterfly is one of my favorite places to do additional ordering like wedding albums and gifts to give. They're helping inspire this holiday season by providing an interactive set of 100 Christmas photo ideas. It includes curated photos from photographers and bloggers in addition to helpful filters so you can sort by ages, style and props. I absolutely adore their idea of your Christmas card being an ornament to hang on the tree and cherish for years to come! How sweet. 

Some of these picture poses don't require a lot of props, and could be taken quickly using your local downtown as a beautifully decorated backdrop. Or head out to your local tree farm to find the perfect fir for the season, and take a quick pic as well! In Georgia, you can visit any one of these farms to find the right tree.  Thank you, Shutterfly, for inspiring readers! 

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  1. Omg your Christmas photos are perfect!!! I absolutely love the design and the photo you choose! ❤

    Nicole // Chronicling Home


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